Top 8 Best Browser for Mac in 2019 – Reviewed and Rated

Apple users don’t have to restrict themselves to Safari only because there are tons of high-quality web browsers out there. If you have been looking for some best browser for Mac or iPhone, we are here with the ultimate list of best products for you. Having said that, we shall begin with our blog post.

1. Safari Web Browser for Mac

Ever since the inception of Apple products, this browser has been there as a default program. For Mac and iPhone users, this product will remain on top for its compatibility and high performance on this particular platform. So Safari is still the best browser for Mac in 2019 which you should mainly be using on your device.

Apple Safari Web Browser for Mac

You can save important pages for offline reading in the future. This would come handy at places where you don’t have the access to an internet connection. You can use customized favicons for identifying your important web pages.

Some of its most unique features are:

  • In terms of battery life, Safari is still the best browser for mac
  • It is must faster and efficient with the new updates
  • It has features like URL Path Navigation and Email Page Link
  • Safari also features a much better and efficient Web Inspector
  • Fast browsing and search snapback makes it best browser for Mac OS

Safari Latest Version Download and History

  • For Mac, Safari 12 is the latest version which you get. 
  • Safari 5 is the latest version on both Windows and iOS.
  • The latest Safari version is a cross-platform one web browser

2. Google Chrome Browser for Mac

Apple and Google might be competitors but the availability of the best browser of the world of Mac and other Apple devices definitely helps users a lot. As far as its performance is concerned, Google Chrome could be the best browser for Mac 10.6.8 since it performs so smoothly on this version of the iOS. 

Is Google Chrome Best Browser for Mac?

However, Google Chrome’s ram consumption has definitely increased and this wouldn’t be good news for users with old Mac devices. Chrome 70 is so far the best browser for Mac which is fully compatible with zero bugs on OS.

  • The fastest and most secure web browser you can ever get
  • The protection from hacks and phishing sites is imminent
  • The infamous incognito mode and night theme mode are present
  • Plenty of themes, wallpapers, and plugins available in its web store

Google Chrome Latest Version and History

  • Google Chrome 77 is the latest version across all platforms
  • This version is available on Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS
  • It is currently available in three modes including Beta, Dev, and Canary

3. Opera Web Browser for Mac

Back in days, many other browsers would easily take over Opera in these lists. However, now it has upgraded to such a level that we consider it to be the third best browser for Mac. For its speed, secure connection, smart download manager, pop-up blocking, and quality page-zooming. The browser also has its own VR Player and you can even customize your own image settings for different web pages.

Opera browser holds 3rd spot in the list of best web browser for mac

If your eyesight is getting weaker, you can use its smart page zooming feature to read things clearly. Also, there are plenty of search engines already incorporated increasing your chances of finding the right information.

  • There are loads of extensions which you can install to enhance the experience
  • The private browsing feature has been updated and it looks quite cool
  • You can easily revisit the pages you have closed recently
  • Different mouse gestures and theme options for an attractive look

Opera Latest Version and History

  • The Opera 2019 is the latest version of Opera on desktop
  • Opera has been discontinued for Wii and Nintendo DS

4. Mozilla Firefox Web Browser for Mac

The popularity of Mozilla Firefox as an internet browser has definitely decreased over the years. However, the same is not true for its performance which has not declined at all. In fact, it has improved with new features and extensions making it one of the best browsers for Mac 2019. Its download manager and security options have improved for much safer user experience.

Best Browser for Mac 4th spot Mozila Firefox

The great thing about Firefox is that its experience can be greatly enhanced by using a number of add-ons and extensions while using lesser ram than any of the other browsers.

  • The password saving and handling options have been upgraded
  • The interface which has also been upgraded for being more intuitive
  • A better and improved add-ons manager to organize them smartly
  • The native looks better since a lot of work was put behind it

Mozilla Firefox Latest Version and History:

  • Mozilla Firefox 68 is the latest version which released on 9th July 2019
  • It has also got an extended version called Mozilla Firefox 68 Extended Edition
  • By December 2019, Mozilla Firefox version 73 will always be released

5. Torch Web Browser for Mac 

A variant of Google Chrome, Torch has also impressed the users over the years with its performance. Imagine a browser with its own media players and torrent downloader, you are in for a real treat. For kids, this browser could provide some real fun since it has its own games. Also, the built-in music player could be enjoyed and even Facebook can be edited.

Is Torch the best web browser for Mac?

  • One of the best browsers for MacBook Pro and OSX based on its performance
  • There are plenty of options in Torch for sharing on social sites
  • The browser for mac has its own video and music player
  • The media grabber downloads streaming videos and torrents
  • There are plenty of games and extensions for you to enjoy

Torch Latest Version and History

  • Torch version 42 is the latest version released for this web browser
  • The previous version of this browser was Torch v36 and its updates

6. Vivaldi – 6th Spot in our Rating of Top 8 Best Browser for Mac

Vivaldi is one of the newest and among best browsers for Mac which is yet to gain the recognition it deserves. Some of the things which other browsers always failed to bring including notes and tab grouping are now included in this new and sensational browser. You get web panels, quick commands for faster and effective browsing, and notes for saving your thoughts.

Vivaldi web browser hold the 6th spot in our rating of top 8 best browser for Mac

  • You are going to love the colorful interface of this new Vivaldi web browser
  • The new ‘Notes’ feature allows you to shave what’s on your mind
  • You can manage different tab groupings and sessions you are having
  • You can do fast forward and rewind videos using its smart navigation
  • The users can see tab previews before opening it for any job

Vivaldi Latest Version and History:

  • Vivaldi 2.5 is the latest version of the browser available
  • This update was released in May 2019 with new features


7. OmniWeb Browser for Mac

If you want full mastery over the controls of your OS device, you might require a web browser which is designed for it. One of such browsers is OmniWeb Web Browser which was developed using the Cocoa API. Due to this API, it gives you full access to the features of your OSX device. What you can do with this browser is not even possible with Safari unless the phone is jail-broken.

Omni Web browser for Mac is at 7th slot in our rating of best browser for Mac

  • The strong built-in ad-blocker helping you get rid of all ads and pop-ups
  • All links on a web page are gathered at one place you can work with
  • You can create different workspaces and even do editing on the page
  • Add all your important shortcuts on the browser’s homepage for easy access
  • Released even before Safari, this is a perfect web browser for Mac OS X

OmniWeb Latest Version and History

  • OmniWeb 5.5 is the latest version to be released for the browser
  • This web browser is finally getting its update after a long time


8. SeaMonkey Web Browser for Mac

If you were planning on buying this all-in-one internet suite, this could be one of the best things you can get for your internet experience. Much like Google Chrome, you can use your own ID to create a set of history, bookmarks, passwords, and other important settings. You can then use that ID to restore all the settings whenever you have done a device reset.

SeaMonkey web browser for mac is at 8th Spot in our list of Best Browser for Mac

Some quality features like add-ons management, lightweight themes, tabbed browsing, and session restore combine in one place to provide you an enhanced experience.

  • If you are sick of pop-ups then this browser for mac will block all of them
  • The themes are lightweight and attractive which don’t pressurize your ram a lot
  • The smart data management system for handling permissions, cookies, and passwords
  • The location bar is smart which you make you revisit your recent pages with ease
  • There is a safe mode in the browser which keeps you safe from incompatible add-ons

SeaMonkey Latest Version and History

  • SeaMonkey 2.49.4 is the latest version released in July
  • This version comes under the Geeko Branch 52.9.1


So these were our 8 best browsers for Mac in 2019. If you liked the reviews, you can now choose the browser which suits you the best. Also, you learned about the version history which could be of great help. If there are queries which were left unanswered, we will cover them ahead. You can keep visiting our site for more OSX related queries and problem-solving.



  • What is the best browser for Mac?


Without any doubt, Safari is the best browser for Mac. However, to enjoy some other features, you can also get Google Chrome.


  • Is Safari or Chrome better for Mac?


Safari is definitely better than Chrome for Mac. However, Chrome has some additional features which Safari lacks and if you want to enjoy them, go for the latter.


  • Which browser is the fastest on Mac?


Brave Browser for Mac is the fastest browser you can get this for this device. However, its features aren’t that premium and that is why it is not being ranked on our list.


  • Is Firefox or Chrome Better for Mac?


Google Chrome is definitely better than Firefox for Mac. However, if your Mac’s ram is high, yiu can use both for enjoying different features.


  • Is Firefox Safe on Mac?


Yes, Mozilla Firefox is definitely one of the safest browsers you can get for Mac. The other browsers have mentioned in this list are also very safe.


  • Is Firefox compatible with Mac?


Yes, Firefox is one of the most compatible web browsers available across all platforms.

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