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Worried about how to block unknown calls on iPhone? In this article, you will learn not only no caller id iPhone issue, but you will also get the answer of questions like, how to block my number on the iPhone. Unblock the number on iPhone. Mask the number. You will be going to learn all in this article with the help of 4 easy methods. Please keep on reading all methods. In the modern era of technology, the Security of our personal information is one of the most crucial factors.

Hackers try various methods to steal your data via fake numbers, spamming and other methods, hackers or spammers tries to call you with unknown numbers with no caller id and tries to steal your precious data. 

To avoid such a disaster, you should know how to avoid calls from no caller id numbers. This article contains 3 effective methods to avoid or block the No caller Id Numbers on your iPhone.

Policies related to No caller ID

The first question which comes to the mind is that why even people are allowed to have no Caller Id numbers? The answer is that there is an international policy of the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) which authorizes the ordinary people to have no caller id to secure their privacy. 

On the other hand, this policy becomes the blessing for spammers because due to this policy tracing the culprit is a bit difficult for the authorities.  

What is No Caller ID calls? 

It is just like the normal calls we attend on our phones, the difference is that the caller has intentionally hidden the information related to his identification. The other terms which can be used for no caller id numbers are an unknown number, hidden number, and masked number. 

In iPhone cell phones, such numbers are displayed via No Caller ID notification but for other handsets, it can be different.

How to make a No Caller ID call?

To make such calls, the simple way is to add 67 before dialing number and your identity will be hidden at receiving end.

Uses of no caller Id calls

As we already discussed several times the main use of no id caller id to ensure the security of the privacy of a person but it is widely used for illegal purposes like harassments, teasing people, and other none ethical activities.

Spammers use it to hide their identity and try to steal your precious information like passwords, cellphone data, etc. Stuck on the Approve this iPhone Issue? Must check our guide. 

Another most significant user is telemarketers since people neither identify the number nor able to call back so it can be easily used for the promotion of illegal products. 

The other method to do such activity is to call from blocked numbers or spoofed numbers, through that spammers can steal money, personal identity, and data.

But there is a possibility that person or organization trying to contact you have good wills like NGOs asking for charity or donations but this is a very rare possibility because such organizations use their real identity.

Methods to block or avoid No Caller ID calls 

From now on, we will discuss the methods to avoid or block such disturbing calls. There are various solutions like you can use a particular app to block such calls but the problem with such apps is that spammers or hackers eventually find a way to bypass or break such apps and again you will start getting calls with no caller id.

As long as FCC is concerned, FCC forces mobile companies to ensure that they provide such features freely to customers but such features cannot mostly trace back no caller id calls.  

First, we will show the three best ways to block No Caller ID calls on your iPhone then recommend some efficient apps as well for the given task.

First Method: Do Not Disturb Feature

It is one most useful features of the iPhone, through this method the number unwanted calls from telemarketers, private or no caller id calls can be effectively reduced. Before enabling the Do Not Disturb feature on the iPhone you have to do some configurations like you have to allow all the numbers from your call list to go through from voice mail because most of the time no caller id calls do not leave a voice message.  

Follow the given steps to enable Do Not Disturb feature in your iPhone:

  • Open setting in your phone 
  • Select the Do Not Disturb option
  • Select Allow calls from option 
  • Then select the All contact option from the menu

The Do Not Disturb feature is enabled, now only the numbers stored in your contact list can call you directly the rest of the unknown calls including no caller id calls because it is not stored in your device.

The disadvantage of this method is if anyone known person calls you from the different number the cell automatically bypasses it to voice mail hence you don’t even know about the call unless you check your voice mail inbox. 

So you have to check your voice mail inbox from time to time to ensure that you haven’t missed important calls.

Second method: Using Contacts 

So what if the same person is disturbing you over and over again, so you can assume that spammers are using the same number, again and again, so to tackle such circumstances use this method and follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First, you have to create a new contact
  • Open contacts 
  • Press the create contact 
  • Then press + option 
  • Enter 00000000000 (or any random number) as contact number 
  • Press the done (you stored the No caller id in the contact list)
  • Again go to the contact list and select the no caller id number
  • Then find the option block number in the menu
  • After selecting the block number option, the message will be popped up that number is blocked

The problem with this method is it is only effective against only one number if you are receiving masked calls from different organizations or people then this method requires to create contacts for each separately. 

Third Method: Cell Phone services (Network Level) 

This method or solution is provided by the network carrier companies and almost all carriers over the globe provide such service but some of them provide it free and some charge their services. 

This is a very useful method. By using this you can block no caller id on the network level, ever carrier uses different methods to enable this service here common steps are:

  • First store such no caller id call as a new contact (follow the steps mentioned in method 2
  • Select the service provider app from the main menu
  • Now search for number blocking option in the menu
  • Add the newly created contact in blocking list 
  • Press the done button 
  • Now the number is in the block list. 

Now, whenever they try to contact you with the same number with no caller id network automatically blocks the call for you.

Apps available in the iPhone App Store

If you don’t want to use any of the methods mentioned above then you can use apps available in the iPhone app store for such conditions. Here we are mentioning two top-ranking apps further details are available in-app description at store

ROBOKILLER is FTC’s anti-robocall completion winner which shows the effectiveness of this app. This app is using a super Caller ID. This ID  help to reveal the identity of no caller ID calls. This identity and notifies you, either it is a legit call or spam since this app is top-ranking so it is a bit expensive. You can get it in 19.99 dollars to avail of its services for a year.

Hiya Caller ID and block offer the services like call blocking and spam filter to caution you before you receive the call whether it is spam or not. You can manage your block list to get rid of unwanted callers. You can access its services freely and share it with six of your family members or friends.


We really hope that this guide related to No Called Id on iPhone was helpful to you guys. If you liked it, do leave us your feedback and queries that you want us to answer in the comments section. Keep visiting our site for more interesting Apple guides!

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