Documents and Data on iPhone – How to Delete by 3 Simple Methods

Ways to Delete documents and data on iPhone are numerous. But we all want to have the working methods. Here I am going to share with you those methods which are fully functional and proving very effective for me. Fast processing and storage capacity are two essences of smartphones. iPhone handsets are well known for uninterrupted fast processing regardless of the processing and storage capacity of handsets.

But with the passage of time and continuous usage of different social apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. slows down your device and you will be bewildered that what’s wrong with your device. The reason behind this issue is that every app stores data on your device without notifying the user. Over time it increases and covers a huge area on your device and slows down the performance of the device.

To retain device full performance, you should erase the unwanted data and documents from your iPhone. But first, you have to learn how to delete such documents and data on iPhone which is a little bit confusing and complex. In this article, we will discuss different sorts of methods to achieve the target but first, we will go through some important topics to give you a better understanding of what are you going to do with your device.

Documents and Data on iPhone

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First, what is Documents and data on the iPhone?

Before getting started with the methods of erasing, you should know what you are dealing with. Basically, residual documents and data on your iPhone is consist of junk files, cookies, logs, cached files, browser history, online streaming videos, and photos, downloaded files, etc. 

The problem with such data is piling up on your device without any notifications and gradually reduces the performance of handsets.

Documents and Data Classification

Documents and data on iPhone can be classified into two categories that are mentioned below:

  • Data and documents that you download or store on your device from online cloud storage like sound cloud, DropBox, etc. such kind of data won’t harm your iPhone performance because it only covers the storage according to their size and won’t increase with their usage.
  • The other category is the data created by apps like social apps (twitter, Facebook, etc.) or games. Hence every app creates data and documents files which increases its size and covers more space from your storage silently. This type of data is should be removed from your device from time to time to get the full performance of your iPhone.

Let’s more elaborate on the second category, whenever you try to install an app from the Apple store then the maximum size of App is always mentioned in the app description which is mandatory space required to install the app. 

Hidden Data and Documents on iPhone

It is not harmful to your device but once you install the app then with the passage of its usage it will start creating the hidden data and documents which piles up on huge space of your device and slows it down. 

How to Delete Documents and Data on iPhone

For instance, we know that Facebook requires about a few MBs of your iPhone memory. But as soon as you start using this app it starts creating junk files, cookies, streamed pages, cached data, links, etc. and stores it on your device without letting you know such data and documents on your iPhone is very harmful, it slows down the device and covers huge amount of space of your device.

Hopefully, now you know what are you dealing with and why it is important to learn such methods to erase unwanted documents and data from the iPhone.  First, we will discuss the methods to erase such data and documents from the iPhone device. 

We will also discuss how to tackle such useless data from iCloud because whatever is saved on your device is backed up on iCloud. So you should also know how to erase it from there as well. 

Method No. 1 Delete through Documents and Data Folder 

This is the simplest and basic method to get rid of unwanted documents and data from the iPhone. In this method, you will manually delete files one by one from your device. To do it, you have to follow the following steps to erase it from the Documents and data folder.

  • Go to the settings from the main menu
  • Select the General icon  
  • Go to usage option 
  • Go to the Manage Storage option 
  • Chose the desired app (like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)
  • Click on the clear data (after a few minutes the data will erase)
  • Then click on clear cache

Delete documents and data on iPhone


After going through this you have to log in again into accounts of corresponding apps because it will clear all the data and updates of the app relating to it on your device. So think twice before doing it.  

Follow the same procedure for every app you think is covers unnecessary data of your device. But sometime it won’t clear all the data or the app does not allow you to do so. Don’t worry, there is another method for you to get the job done. 

Method 2: Delete the data and documents of iPhone via uninstalling and reinstalling the app  

As we already mention above, some apps don’t allow you to erase the documents and data from your iPhone because of its policies and unknown reasons. You can tackle the situation with the second method i.e. completely uninstall the app then reinstall it this method is a little bit time confusing but in return, you will get free space and good performance of your device. The steps are as follows:

  • Go to the settings of your device
  • Select the General icon
  • Go to the usage menu
  • Select the manage storage option 
  • Chose the desired app
  • Click on uninstall ( your device will ask for confirmation and warn you about losing entire data)
  • Then reinstall the app from the Apple store

delete data and documents from iPhone

This method is a bit faster and reliable because it will clear every bit of documents and data on your iPhone related to that app. But it is important to back up all the important stuff before doing it.

Method No. 3: How to get rid of back up Documents and data on iCloud? 

Now we will discuss how to erase the unwanted data from iCloud and to get some free space. All you have to do is to follow the mentioned procedure below:

manage icloud from iphone

  • Find the manage store option in iCloud on your device 
  • Go to Settings and find iCloud 
  • Select the Storage from the menu and then click on the manage storage
  • Apps will be appeared on the screen (click on Show all to get the complete list of installed apps) 
  • Select the targeted app and press on Edit option 

  • Click on Delete All button (message of confirmation will pop up confirm it via clicking on Delete All again).

Delete the app from iCloud

This is one of the fastest methods to get rid of unwanted data and documents from your iCloud account to get some free space that can be utilized in the future for other useful apps and other services. But you have to go through the same process for each app you wanted to clear.  

There are some software is also available to remove such documents and data from iPhone and you can find such apps on the Apple store. One of the most famous apps is Dr.fone-Erase (iOS), it can easily delete the data from your iPhone and enhance the performance and speed of your device.


Hopefully, this article will cover all the necessary information related to the problem. If you found the article helpful, don’t forget to leave us your feedback and keep visiting our site for more interesting Apple content ahead.

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