How To Play iMessage Games

How to play iMessage games on iPhone and how to play with friends? Are you searching for the solution to playing the game on iMessage but do you know what is iMessage game? iMessage game is an extension of the iPhone in which the lover of games plays 24 different games. Apple gives a new direction to the text by introducing iMessage games. All the games of iMessage are based on taking a turn and you can play these games with your friend at your leisure.

How to play iMessage Games

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How to Play iMessage games Step By Step Guide

One of the main reasons why people love the iPhone so much is because of the iMessage the inbuilt messaging app which comes with iPhones. But did you know that apart from sending emojis and sentence stickers you can also play games with your contact on a message? And did you know how to play iMessage games on an iPad?

No need to worry, I will guide you on how to play iMessage games and all the steps you need. So you need an iPhone but not just iPhone you need an iPhone running iOS 11. Next, start a conversation with any of your contacts on a message and scroll through the options you find on your keyboard. Also read Using iMessage for PC?

Step To Play Game On iMessage

  • Click on the Store icon.
  • This will open up a special version of the app store that show extensions for your iMessage.
  • Most of these are stickers but if you scroll down you will find a section called iMessage games.
  • Tap to see all button next to the title.
  • See the full list of the iMessage game.
  • Select a game and download it.
  • Return to the iMessage screen.
  • Top of the keyboard you see the game.
  • Click on the game icon on top of your keyboard.
  • This will open a menu where you customize the game.
  • Now loaded the game into your keyboard.
  • Your game will see like a delivered text.
  • After completing your turn you will w8 for your friend.

Best iMessage Games 2023iMessage best games 2023

Apple brings a platform for you where you can do both things text and play the games. Yes, this app is iMessage. Can you imagine you sending a text to anyone and playing the game there? Adults and Aged both like to play the games if the games are entertaining. Apple brings a great opportunity for the best iMessage games. You can play the iMessage games on iPhones, iPad  & Apple Watch. To download all these games you can read the above. Here we list some most popular games.

  • Checkmate
  • Cobi Hopes
  • Moji Bowling
  • Game Pigeon
  • Mr. Putt-Mini Golf

How to Play iMessage games on Android?

Are you an android user and looking at how to play iMessage games on Android? That is not possible directly but you can play these games by picking some tricks. Any Android user can fulfill his/ her desire to play iMessage games by adopting some technical guts. With time Apple updated many features on its devices and the games of iMessage are one of them. the message is an amazing application and by adopting this method you can enjoy iPhone games on Android. But for this purpose, you need an Apple Mac device and there are some conditions to play these games on Androids.

  • You must have an Apple ID to access the iMessage App.
  • You need a Mac device that is running on macOS 10.10.
  • Download & Install Java 7 on your Mac.
  • Android are must running on 5.0 AOS(Android operating system).
  • You need to Install the message application on your Android phone.

Run weMessage App on Android to Play iMessage Games

weMessage is a tool or app that allows you to play iMessage games on Android phones. Due to message presence, you can get access to all features of iPhones on Androids. To allow the running of weMessage you can play the iMessage games but you need to follow these steps which are listed below.

  • Download & Install the Java SE development kit on your Mac.
  • Next you need to download & Install the message application on an Android device.
  • Visit weMessageapp.com.
  • Now Download the message Zip file on your Mac device.
  • Now extract the message Zip file.
  • weMessage Zip file will change into the run. Command file.
  • Now give your official iMessage email to link the application with iMessage.
  • weMessage application is installed.
  • Set the weMessage app on your Android device.
  • Now you can start iMessage text and enjoy playing the games.

How To Play iMessage Game By Yourself?

In the world of iMessage, people like to play games with themselves. Sometimes you never see any friend close to you and you want to play games on iMessage. But You can entertain yourself by playing the game on iMessage by yourself. Therefore I will tell you how to play the iMessage game by yourself. It is only useful if you have no friends.

1– Firstly you have to make a new contact using your phone.

 2-You have to start an iMessage game with the contact you just made.

3– If you don’t know already if you message yourself you will get a response of some exact message.

When you play an iMessage game you will get the same response. Like if you send a game of  Cup Pong and I made the ball in a cup. If and missed with the other ball you will get a response of the same things in the same Cup just like the iMessage. But it’s your turn you will see that the opponent’s cups regenerated so you win the game no matter what.

How to Play iMessage Games on iPhone 12?

The iMessage allow to the iPhone users to play iMessage games easily. If you have a iPhone and you want to play game which are full of enjoyment you are on the right place. We list out all the steps about how to play iMessage games on iPhones 12. You can also play the iMessage games on iPhone 7, 11 & 13 by following these steps.

  • Firstly  you need to open Apple store Extension.
  • There are many games to chose here.
  • All games are free to download.
  • You game will grouped together with other.
  • When the game has been delivered.
  • You will have to tap on it to being playing.


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