How to Record Audio on Mac – Free Audio Recording on Macbook All Models

We are providing you a very easy and step by step guide and simple methods to record audio on Mac in 1 click. MacBook is one of the best laptops available in the market and people always go crazy whenever the latest model is launched by Apple.  If you ask people that why they are so crazy about the MacBook laptop and prefer over other brands like Dell, Lenovo, etc. so most of them will give you the same answer that they adore MacBook due to its beautiful and stylish design, High performance and lots of fantastic features.

But sometimes, a good feature becomes a problem for the users like in order to save any sort of the video or audio you have to go through a long process which includes download and storing on iTunes online cloud of the Apple. Because of this feature saving your favorite song or any other audio is time-consuming and there is plenty of chances that you lose the track and it’s lost forever.

On the other hand, Apple doesn’t allow you to directly record the audio because it is against the international copyright policy and apps designed to perform such kind of tasks are always cost you high for their services. Or other ways are mostly illegal and go against copyright policies. Want to learn about Video Capture? Read my article related to How to Video Capture on Macbook

So if you are worried that what you should do to record your favorite audio without breaking any laws and also don’t want to pay for the apps then don’t worry, because, this article has the solution for your problem. We will guide how you can record audio on Mac without violating any rules and paying a penny for it. 

Stick with the article, because we will discuss an effective and fast method that can let you record the audio on Mac with just a click. This method is totally legal and free of cost. 

 How to record audio on Mac with the help of Sound Follower and Quick time App

This method is very simple and consists of a few basic steps. Each step is elaborated at very basic and with just going through once you can easily implement that step. 

Step 1: settings in System Preference of your MacBook:

So this step basically deals with the system configuration of your Mac. Follow the instruction given below and you will be through with the first step in no time.

  • Start with going into the System Preference option in your MacBook.
  • Look for the option titled Internal Microphone and Line-in.
  • Click on Output icon 
  • Internal Speakers or Head Phones options will appear on the screen
  • Click on the input
  • Input part specifies the component from where you want to record the audio on Mac 
  • Output specifies the method of playing the recording you saved earlier 

In this position, you won’t find any input program or feature which can help you to record audio on Mac. To get a feature go to the next step.

Step 2: Download the Sound Flower Extension:

As we already mentioned, that you won’t find any input program or device to record the audio directly Or send it to the main program Quicktime app for recording. 

To tackle this problem you have to download the sound flower extension. The main task of this extension is to make sure to collect the audio from one app and pass it to another app. Sound follower acts as an input audio device and allows the program to independently to receive and transmit the audio.

Download the extension from the Apple app store and install the extension in your MacBook. 

Step 3: Select the sound Flower as an output device:

Hopefully, till now you are doing great with the procedure. Once Sound Flower is installed, go again to the system preference option and follow the steps

  • Go to the output and click on it 
  • Two options will appear on the screen i.e. Sound Flower (2ch) and Sound Flower (64ch)
  • Select the installed extension according to your desire and audio quality 

  But for your MacBook, it is better to select the sound Flower (2ch) option from given options. After this, all the audio will be channeled through Sound Flower (2ch) extension. The disadvantage of this extension is that it disables the speaker and you won’t hear any sound through MacBook speaker unless you disable the extension.

Step 4: Record the audio on MacBook via Quicktime app

Here is the last step and after that, you will be able to record the life the screen or only the audio on your MacBook. Follow the mentioned steps to go through the last step

For Live Screen Recording:

  • Launch the Quicktime Player on your MacBook 
  • Find the File menu in the taskbar and click on the list will drop on the screen
  • Click on the New Screen Recording 
  • Find the arrow symbol in Quicktime player window  and click on it 
  • Check the microphone section and select the Sound flower (2ch) 
  • Click on the Record button and your recording start 

For Audio recording: 

  • Launch the Quicktime Player on your MacBook 
  • Find the File menu in the taskbar and click on the list will drop on the screen
  • Click on the New audio Recording 
  • Find the arrow symbol in Quicktime player window  and click on it 
  • Check the microphone section and select the Sound flower (2ch)
  • Click on the record button and your recording start 

Once you are done with recording either live screen or audio recording on Mac and want to hear it then follow the steps mentioned below 

  • Select the System Preference
  • Click on the Sound Icon 
  • Select the output option and available device will appear on the screen
  • Click on the internal speakers and enable the speakers of your MacBook

Listen to the audio, enjoy it and save it for future use.

Use Voice Memos to record the Audio on Mac

Since we already discussed the best possible solution for your problem but here is another simple method to record the audio on Mac. This method involves a built-in app Voice Memo and records the audio.

To utilize the Voice Memos App in Mac follow the mentioned steps and you will be good to go in no time

  • Launch the Voice memo app by searching in the search bar 
  • To start recording, click on the red Record button and recording will be initialized
  • The recording will start as soon as you press the red button and you can pause it during the recording via a click on the pause button
  • And resume the paused recording via clicking the play button 
  • after the completion of recording, click on the done to save the recording 

This is one of the basic app available to record the audio but it only records the audio through the microphone of the MacBook. Such kind of recordings can be utilized to create memos or short recordings.

Hopefully, this article will help you to get over the problem without any difficulty.

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