Video Screen Capture Mac – How to Record video on Mac

Choosing an excellent video screen capture Mac tool can be a tough task. However, there are plenty of Screen Recorder tools for Mac out there addressing different screen capturing needs of the users. Also, if you were looking forward to learning how to record the screen on your Mac, we are going to teach you that in this detailed guide on video screen capture software for Mac.

In this article, we are going to introduce you to the best and free Video Screen Capture on Mac and MacBook, bring a step-by-step guide on how to record the screen with this screen capture software and also introduce you to some alternatives as well.

If you want to learn how to print screen on mac/MacBook, you will find this guide very useful. 

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QuickTime Player: The Best Video Screen Capture or Screen Recorder for Mac

Even though this is a difficult question to answer while so many useful tools are available, the one we usually consider for screen recording on Mac in QuickTime Player. The tool using which you can record or video screen capture in Mac Mojave is entirely new and different. However, if you are unable to run Mojave then QuickTime Player remains the best option for you.

How to Record Screen on Mac

How to Record Screen on Mac Using Quick Time Player

So QuickTime Player is a multimedia framework that is developed by Apple and is used in all devices, including Apple iPhone, Mac, iPad, and MacBook. The software was first made in 1991, and with time, it has seen a lot of improvements, including the screen capture and recording features in 2019.

Some of the top features of the QuickTime Player which you need to know about are:

  • You can download QuickTime trailers of movies and TV shows
  • You can play both audio and video using this multimedia software
  • QuickTime plays almost every video format you know about
  • It also allows the conversion of one video format into another
  • This is also the best screen recorder on Mac for free
  • It has plenty of video editing options as well
  • You can even compress a video to a smaller size
  • QuickTime shortcuts for entering full screen and navigation
  • You can capture and record screen with QuickTime on Mac
  • The QuickTime software can even broadcast live video

So these were some of the top features of the best video screen capture tool for Mac. Let us now move ahead and teach you how to do screen recording on Mac with this software.

Step-by-step Guide to Video Capture Screen on Mac with QuickTime Player

Since you have all been waiting for this section of the article, it is here. You can now learn how to record the screen on Mac using QuickTime Player. This is going to be a complete guide taking you through every step of the process, so let us begin.

Opening QuickTime on Mac to record the screen:

First, open QuickTime Player on Mac. If you don’t have it on your desktop, then use Command + Space to open Spotlight on Mac and searched for a QuickTime player to open it.

How to open quick time Player

Starting the Screen Recording on Mac

Click Open and Quick Time player will open in your mac

Once QuickTime Player is open on your Mac, you can start recording the screen with it. For that, you will follow the steps given below:

  • From the QuickTime player menu, you will need to select the File option
  • In the file option, select New Screen Recording 

Open File to start video capture

  • To start recording, click the Record button

Click the record button to start recording

  • This software does video capture screen on Mac with audio so that you can speak as well
  • To record a specific part of the screen, click and drag the mouse to that area
  • When you are done recording, click the Stop button
  • Now, save the video using the save in the Choose File section

Save the Screen Recording File

  • You can name the recorded video here
  • The recorded video format is H.264, and the audio is AAC audio track

So this is simply how you record the screen on Mac with the best video screen capture on Mac.

Additional QuickTime Video Screen Capturing options on Mac:

QuickTime does more than simply recording your Mac screen. We are now going to introduce you to the additional features which you will find as very useful for the job. Here are some of those for you.

  • Clicking and dragging the mouse to record a specific portion of the screen
  • A white arrow shows additional options for screen recording
  • You can select the microphone options, etc. from here
  • If you need to show or hide mouse clicks in the video, you enable/disable those

So our video screen capture guide for Mac using QuickTime Player ends here. We will now be bringing some of the alternative screen recording software which you can use instead.

QuickTime Alternatives for Video Screen Capture on Mac

QuickTime is a pretty basic tool for screen recording, and if you need to produce some professional content such as YouTube tutorials, you might need some better software for that. So we are now going to bring you some of those for screen recording on Mac.

  • Camtasia

If you need to produce some quality and professional content for your website or YouTube channel such as tutorials, there is nothing better than Camtasia, which is a paid software. Still, a free trial is offered as well. Listed below are some of its top Camtasia features for Mac:

You can use Camtasia to record screen on macbook

  • Camtasia is a complete screen recording and editing solution
  • You can video screen capture on Mac with audio using it
  • One of the best Video Screen Capture Mac OS X software
  • Also, the best video screen capture for MacBook
  • Camtasia provides almost every video editing feature

Camtasia also allows you to record yourself live using the built-in camera of your device, so don’t forget to use those features when needed.

  • Screen Flow 8

Screen Flow 8 is another cool video recording and editing software available across various platforms. This is an excellent choice for video screen capture on Mac Mojave if you are running it already. The software is quite handy for creating computer-based tutorials and editing your online content, such as vlogs. Some of its top features are mentioned below!

you can capture screen on mac using screenflow

  • Suitable for computer-based tutorials with commentary
  • Go live directly on YouTube and entertain a live audience
  • Good screen capturing and recording features for Mac
  • Records your audio and face with the built-in camera
  • It also has some cool video editing features

We have also got a screen recorder for Mac OS Mojave, so check that out below as well.

  • Video Screen Capture on Mac OS Mojave

If you are running Mac OS Mojave, capturing and screen recording is even more comfortable in it with the new built-in screen recording tool. This tool is found right there in the toolbar of the OS. This was introduced to make screen recording a lot easier. The following guide is about using this Screen Recording tool for Mojave with ease.

  • Press Command + Shift + 5 and the tool will open

  • The options for recording the full screen or a portion are there
  • Select the one which you need to use and click the Record button
  • Click the Stop button to stop recording when you are done
  • After recording, the tool will also show a quick look or preview of the video
  • If you need to edit or trim the clip, you can continue to do so
  • When you are finished with it, click Done to get things executed


So this is simply how your video screen captures Mac with different tools available in and out of the system. Do leave us your feedback about the article, and if you have any queries, leave that in the comments section. Keep visiting our site for more interesting Apple and Mac content.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I record my screen on Mac 2019?

To record the screen on Mac, you can use the QuickTime Player screen recording feature. Here is a quick summary of that:

  • Open Spotlight > QuickTime Player
  • In QuickTime, File and then New Screen Recording
  • Click on Record/Stop to start and stop recording
  • Can you screen record on Mac with sound?

Yes, you can screen record on Mac with sound as well using software like Camtasia and Screen Flow 8. QuickTime is free, but it doesn’t offer screen recording with audio, so you will need to skip that,

  • What is the best screen capture software for Mac

The best free screen capture software for Mac is QuickTime Player, and the best-paid software is Camtasia. Some good alternatives to Camtasia and QuickTime are also mentioned in the article.

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