How to use iMessage Online: Methods That Actually Work

iMessage is probably the most efficient instant messaging service. However, the problem is with its compatibility which limits it only to the iPhone and Mac devices. The question which most users ask is, can we use iMessage online? Today, we are going to answer this for you alongside many methods which 100% work to use iMessage Online on Mac, Windows 10, and iPhone.

So if you have a Mac at home and a Windows PC at your workplace, you cannot carry them with you all the time. However, if you set up the remote desktop connection between both, you can still access your iMessages online on your Windows PC. This might not be the safest approach but when you need them, there isn’t any other way of doing it.

Also, if you don’t have enough money to buy an iPhone, you can access your iMessages online on a PC and be done with it. Before we move on to that, let us introduce you to iMessage and some of its key features.

Introduction to iMessage Online and Features

Just like WhatsApp, iMessage is an instant messaging service which works only on iOS devices. Other than your iPhone, you can also access your iMessages on your Mac device but that is it. If you need to iMessages online login on some other device, you cannot do it. This is something we are going to help you with today. Let us first discuss some of the top features of the app:

Using iMessage for PC Windows

  • Just like Facebook, iMessage uses reactions so that you don’t have to reply to a message where there is a need for emotions instead of words
  • All you will need to do is tap and hold the message to react to it
  • Use different bubble effects to send your text or multimedia message
  • First, write a message or enter the photo and then choose the bubble effect like the invisible ink, slam, or gentle to send it
  • In the latest iPhones, you can use 3D touch to send messages and multimedia content
  • There are thousands of themes, gifs, stickers, and other content which make iMessage Online very interesting

So these were some top iMessage features which you can use. We shall now move ahead and teach you how to set up iMessage online. We will be doing that by using the remote desktop and another method so let’s begin.

Step-by-Step Guide to Use iMessage Online on Windows, Mac, and Windows 10

We have got two ultimate and 100% working methods to make iMessage Online work on different devices.

Method #1: Use iMessage Online using Remote Desktop

If you want to use iMessage online on Mac, Windows 10, and iPhone simultaneously, you will need to set up a remote desktop on a Mac. Even when you don’t have an iPhone, you can do that by setting up a connection between your Mac and Windows pc on Windows 10.

For the first method, you got to have both Mac and Windows PC. These two devices can be at different places and that makes no difference. Also, you will need to have your Mac device on all the time when you want to access iMessage on PC.

Let us share the process of that with you:

Step 1: Installing the Chrome Remote Desktop.

For setting up a remote desktop connection, you need iMessage running on Mac, Windows PC, and Google Chrome. Once you have all three things, follow the guide given below:

  • Make sure that iMessage Online is running on your Mac
  • Now, open Google Chrome on your Windows PC
  • Open Chrome Web Store in Google Chrome and search for ‘Chrome Remote Desktop’
  • This is a Chrome extension which you will need to install in it
  • Now, do the same process and install this extension on Mac in Google Chrome as well

Step 2: Finalizing the Remote Desktop Connection between Mac and Windows

  • Make sure that you are logged in Google Chrome using the same Gmail ID
  • When Chrome will prompt the permissions option, allow it
  • Since Windows 10 is your guest computer, you will need a PIN for it
  • Copy the pin code over from Google Chrome running on Mac
  • Now let is connect and the connection will start within a few seconds

You can now use iMessage on PC using this remote desktop connection. A similar method to this for using iMessage online is the screen sharing method.

Method #2: Use iMessage Online via Screen Sharing

We should be thankful to the developers they have provided us enough ways to share screens between Mac and Windows. Now we will use this technique to let you use iMessage Online on PC without using the remote desktop method. However, you will again need both Mac and Windows PCs at the same time.

Step 1: Setting up the Screen Sharing.

To set up the screen sharing between two systems, follow the steps given below:

  • Open the Apple Menu on your Mac
  • Now, open the ‘System Preferences’ menu on your Mac computer
  • In the ‘Sharing’ submenu, select the ‘Screen Sharing’ box
  • Choose your desired settings and protect it  by setting a password
  • However, enable the permission for VNC users for letting them use it

Step 2: Setting up VNC on Window PC.

After doing the screen sharing settings on Mac, you will need to download and install VNC on your Windows PC. For doing that, follow the steps given ahead:

  • Search for ‘VNC Viewer’ on Google and enter the download section on its official site
  • You will be getting the free VNC Viewer download without any payment or offer
  • After downloading and installing the app, sign in into the VNC app on your PC

Step 3: Connecting VNC with Mac for using iMessage on PC

Once you have VNC downloaded and installed on your device, you can use it to connect to your Mac device. This is pretty much like using Team Viewer so don’t be confused about it. The following are the steps which will help you with that:

  • To make a connection with your Mac, VNC will need its IP address
  • Copy the IP address of your Mac into the VNC and enter the password
  • You can now connect to your Mac from your Windows PC and use iMessage

So this was another successful method for using iMessage Online or iMessage on PC. However, if you don’t have a Mac device and still want to use iMessage on a Window PC, we have got one final solution for you.

Method #3: Use iMessage Online using iPadian iOS Emulator

iPadian is a free iOS emulator similar to BlueStacks which will allow you to use some iOS apps on your Windows 10. Unlike BlueStacks which can run every Android app on your PC, iPadian is in its beta stages. However, it can still be pretty useful since it can at least run apps like iMessage and Apple Store on your PC. The following is a small guide to do that:


  • Download and install iPadian for free from any site
  • After installing the iPadian app, open it on your Windows 10 PC
  • Now, log in to the emulator to have access to its store
  • Search for ‘iMessage’ in its store and do a direct download
  • Install the app, log in using your Apple credentials, and enjoy


So these were three best methods to use iMessage Online on Mac, Windows, and iPhone. If you are confused about anything related to this guide, leave your questions in the comments section. Keep visiting our website for more Mac and iPhone stuff for free.

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