Using iMessage for PC: Step By Step Guide to use iMessage on PC Windows 10

Want to use iMessage on PC Window 10 and looking for an easy and possible solution? Am I right? If you really are then, you are at the right place. Instant Messaging apps are the need of this modern world. Apps like WhatsApp and iMessage have revolutionized the world of smartphones. One of those apps is iMessage which is exclusive for iPhone and Mac devices. For its features like digital touch, P2P money transfer, and most secure encryption, many people want iMessage on Windows PC as well. Since there is no direct way of doing that, our ultimate guide on how to use iMessage for PC is going to rock your world.

So the developers of iMessage in Apple decided to keep the app exclusive only for iOS and Mac products. However, Windows and Android are very flexible when it comes to accommodating apps made for other operating systems. So you can do certain tweaks as well to get the iMessage App running on your Windows PC.

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Features of iMessage for PC

Before we move on to the methods for making it work, listed below are some of the top features of the app you need to read

  • One of the best apps for instant messaging and sharing photos.
  • It is compatible with the 3D touch for sending messages.
  • You can choose from a number of bubble effects including the invisible ink, slam, and loud.
  • You can share a lot of multimedia content within seconds depending on the internet speed.

100% Working Methods to use iMessage on PC Windows 

We always try to bring more than one solution to your problems. In this article, we are again bringing three different ways using which you can use iMessage on your Windows PC. The names of those three methods are the following:

  1. Using iPadian iOS Emulator
  2. iMessage for PC using iMyFone D-Port
  3. iMessage on PC using Chrome Remote Desktop

We shall now move and discuss each of these three methods to use iMessage for PC.

1st Method – Using iPadian iOS Emulator for PC

Similar to BlueStacks which runs Android apps on a Windows PC, iPadian is an emulator for iOS apps. If the above method isn’t suitable for you, you can try running iMessage on PC with iPadian. Being a new software, it is best compatible with Windows 10 and that is why we recommend having this version of Windows.

Use iPandian for iMessage on PC

So iPadian is a free emulator which runs iOS apps on a Windows PC. It would even allow you to run an application like Standalone Adobe Air Application. If you want to test how different iOS apps perform on Windows, you really need to get this. First, let us get this to run iMessage on Windows PC for you.

  • As usual, the first is to get the iPadian Free Download for your computer
  • Since it is free, you can get it from our site and plenty of others
  • Once you have downloaded, install the emulator on your PC
  • To run the emulator, you need to agree with the license agreement
  • After it is successfully running on your PC, search for the ‘iMessage App
  • Once the app has been found, do a direct download and install
  • You will now be using iMessage on your pc and enjoy it for good

Once you have downloaded iMessage for PC using iPadian, you will not require another alternative. However, you might still want to learn about the third and final step. It could be pretty handy, especially when your hardware specs aren’t great to run iPadian properly.

2nd Method – Using iMyFone D-Port

When it comes to iOS and Mac Data Exporting Apps, nothing gets better than iMyFone D-Port, especially for Windows PC. Now there are plenty of things you can do with this app. You can transfer multimedia and text content using D-Port from an iPhone to a Windows PC. The app even lets you preview the data before sharing it on to another device.

Also, there could be plenty of data on your iPhone such as Kik and WhatsApp messenger data which you can share to your PC using the direct features of the app. You can even check your iCloud backup data out with the help of iMyFone D-Port. Since the introduction to the app is done, let us move on and use this app to use iMessage for PC.

  • Again, download and install the free iMyFone D-Port app on your PC.
  • Open the app and make sure that your iPhone is connected to the computer.
  • Open the app and it is time to export files which in this case is iMessage

  • However, first, let the app scan your iPhone by clicking the ‘Scan’ button

  • Once it is done scanning, it will show iMessage for PC alongside other apps
  • Now, select the iMessage app and click ‘Export’ to begin the process
  • A window will open asking you to set the location for the file to be exported
  • Choose the location where you want to save the app and get it done
  • After the iMessage has been exported to your PC, you can start using it

Start using iMessage on PC Windows with the help of iMyFone D-Port

3rd Method – Using the Chrome Remote Desktop

The first and most efficient method of using iMessage on Windows PC is by Chrome Remote Desktop. The method involves using more devices like Windows PC, Chromebook, and a Mac computer. This is a remote desktop software using which you can use the iMessage app running on an Apple device. Let us move ahead and cover this process with a step-by-step guide:

  • Go to the ‘Google Chrome Web Store’ in your Google Chrome browser
  • If you don’t use this browser, download Google Chrome for free
  • In the ‘Chrome Web Store, search for ‘Chrome Remote Desktop
  • After finding the extension, click ‘Add to Chrome’ option

Download Chrome Remote Desktop using iMessage on windows pc

  • Now that you have downloaded the Chrome Remote Desktop File on your Windows PC, you need to launch the app.

  • This will download and install the extension in your Browser
  • Also, do the same on your Macbook as well.
  • It is necessary for this app to be installed on both devices for the process to work.
  • After installing and launching the program, install ‘Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installeron your Macbook.

  • Once you have Downloaded the Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer on your Macbook, Now you need to install it. Kindly note in the image given below. Press the Continue button to continue the installation process.

  • CONGRATULATIONS! Now you have successfully downloaded and installed the Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer. You are just one step away. Press the close button to complete the Installation Now you will get the screen as given in the picture below. Press the close button to complete the installation. 

  • After installing this host, open it and it shall provide a code on the home screen {Kindly Check the Image below}

  • You will need to use this code on both devices in order to connect them.
  • Now you can access all of your Mac apps on Windows PC, especially the iMessage on Windows

Now, you will be enjoying one of the best instant messaging apps on your PC. If you don’t own a Macbook like many other users who don’t own both Macbook and Windows PC, this method is not for you. However, you can read the guide ahead to read an alternative method.


Wasn’t this method easy as well? Well, as far as our recommendation is concerned, you should first go for the 2nd method for using iMessage for PC since it is the easiest among these. You can then try other methods depending on what your needs are and what’s easy for you.

FAQs Related to Using iMessage on Windows PC

The following are some important frequently asked questions which could be of help

  • Is there any way to get iMessage on Windows?

Yes, you can easily get iMessage on Windows. For that, you should consult our complete guide.

  • How can I get iMessage on my PC without a Mac?

Without using Mac or iPhone, you can get iMessage on your PC by installing iPadian iOS Emulator for Windows.

  • Can you Download iMessage on Windows?

iMessage on Windows 10 PC can be directly downloaded and installed using iPadian.

  • Can I receive iMessages on my PC?

Yes, once you have set up the app using the above methods, you can receive iMessages on your PC.

  • How do I access my iCloud messages on my PC?

You can do that following the steps given below:

  • Download iCloud for Windows for free and install the app
  • Now log in using your Apple ID and password
  • You can now access your iCloud Messages on your PC
  • You can even create a backup and do some other tasks as well

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