iMessage Waiting For Activation Complete Guide with Working Methods

What is iMessage waiting for activation? Why iPhone face such a problem when it brings discomfort in life of its users by errors like iMessage says waiting for activation? People are stuck in this problem mostly who use the iPhone series. If you creating an account on your iPhone you can access the iMessage but before it, you may need to activate it

Sometimes when you restart your iPhone or change the version of your iPhone and run the iMessage on your iOS device you face trouble.  But don’t need to worry we give you the solution for it. So read this article till the end to sort out your problem through this article.4 ways to fix imessage errors

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What is iMessage?

Before discussing the issue of iMessage is not activated on your iPhone let me answer to our fellows who are today WhatsApp freek that it was 1st message that came with this idea.

Many people don’t even know what is the iMessage? iMessage is a messaging app that comes built into Apple devices like iPhone, and iPad.

Through this app, you can send a message to your friend or relative who is an iPhone user in the form of videos, text & or pictures. On 6 June 2011, the first iMessage was introduced by Scott Forstall and the first version of iMessage was included in the updated iPhone 5 on 12 June 2011. iMessage is protected by end-to-end encryption.


Did you get surprised by it?

Yes, you have heard it right. iMessaging was far more sophisticated than WhatsApp. The only issue with iMessaging was that it required both users to have iPhone/iPad or Macbook.

What is the difference between iMessage and Whatsapp?

To be very honest I find iMessage a way beyond app than WhatsApp in terms of security, and user-friendliness, but the issue came with the compatibility. If you ask me about the feature let me let you what features these two amazing apps offer.

Features of whatsapp and iMessage

  • Voice notes
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Texts
  • Files
  • Docs
  • Emoji
  • Stickers
  • Gif

You can transfer these forms of data via these two apps but now Whatsapp with its latest update for android Whatsapp has started focusing of the interface, and now they are also moving to a more sophisticated interface.

Whatsapp has brought the amazing feature of the WhatsApp web and the add-on is the group call service which in my opinion will soon be going to compete for the zoom, meet and many others in the market.

Whatsapp the child theme of iMessage

There is no doubt that the original is original. The idea of sending the text, images, voice, emoji, on a messaging app was the pure result of the creativity of iMessage. Whatsapp came with the same idea but the apple makers 1st came up with the idea. Still, today if you compare both, I can guarantee that still you will find iMessaging more sophisticated than WhatsApp.

How You Can Fix The Trouble Of iMessage Waiting for Activation?

Sometimes iMessage may take 24 hours to activate so wait until 24 hours and still after 24 hours. If you are not able to use the I message then let the system of the way by which we can try to fix this issue.

Sometimes when you refresh or change the iPhone version and you try to run the iMessage on the iPhone. You face trouble running the iMessage on your iOS.iMessage Waiting For Activation

An iMessage waiting for activation is a common problem in iPhone but sometimes many other symptoms make cause this issue. You can fix the trouble of iMessage waiting for activation with these symptoms.

  • Check your internet connection
  • By checking your date & time or zone
  • By refreshing the connection to iMessage and Facetime
  • Sign out of your Apple ID account
  • By updating your iPhone and other iOS devices

Four Ways to Fix the issue of iMessage Waiting For Activation

If you faced a problem activating the iMessage on your iPhone and you don’t understand how to solve this problem. It is the right place where you come. There are some common iMessage waiting for activation error messages.

  • Waiting for activation
  • Activation unsuccessful
  • An error occurred during the activation
  • Could not Sign in Please check your connection
  • Unable to connect to the I Message server try again

You will make sure that something is going right on your iPhones. The first one is to make sure your iPhone is updated by your setting > general< and slighting software update. The second is to connect the Wi-Fi or at least you have a cellular internet connection. You can check it by tapping the wi-fi icon. The third one is to check the date & time and make sure that both are correct. It is easy to toggle on set automatically. It is also essential you have a career to support iMessage all major careers support iMessage. Now we see the method to fix the iMessage waiting for activation.

First Method for iMessage Waiting for Activation

This method for frequently fixing iMessage activation are originally discovered by users and Apple. It seems like an extreme solution but it is one of the most successful ways for iMessage or Faces time to work. First of all, you will open the setting app and tap on the message. Toggle the iMessage off it will be great to toggle on. Now you will go back to the setting and select Face time and toggle off Face time go back to the setting and scroll to the top.

Method 1 to fix imessage activation issue

Now toggle on Airplane mode. Then select Wi-Fi and toggle the wi-Fi on now go back to the setting and slide the message again and toggle iMessage on and go back to the setting select face time. toggle face time on and go back to the set one last time and toggle the Airplane off. If the message pop up that says your carrier may charge for your SMS then tap Ok. If it does not work then toggle iPhone and FaceTime off and open again.

Second Method For iMessage waiting for Activation

It’s not doesn’t work but it’s a tries message to which is enabling I message on your iPhone too fie I Message sure activation. You will go to the setting and scroll down and tap on the messages. You will tap on your send & receive the message and tap your Apple Id. now sign out from here and toggle to message off.

iMessage Waiting For Activation

Go to the setting and select the Wi-Fi and toggle WIFI off and then on it again. wait for a few minutes and then toggle iMessage back on. Tap sending and receiving msg option and tap use for your Apple Id for iMessage. Enter your Apple Id information if you are prompted to and tap for Sign in. Hopefully, this will allow you to enable iMessage and FaceTime.

Third Method For iMessage Waiting for Activation

Now we see method three. First of all, you will open the setting app and scroll down on the iPhone then tap the messages and toggle iMessage off. From the setting select face time and toggle Face time off.iMessage Waiting For Activation

Restart your phone by pressing your sound button and the side button at a time then swipe right to turn your phone off. Turn your phone on and open the setting app again. Tap on the messages and toggle iMessage on and go back to the set. From the setting, the app selects face time and toggles face time on.

Fourth Method For iMessage Waiting for Activation

Are you still find iMessage verifying or activation phone no issues. We have a final method to identify. Open the setting app and tap to general and tap transfer or reset the iPhone. Again tap the reset icon and tap reset network setting. Now enter your passcode.

iMessage Waiting For Activation

This process did not erase your iPhone information except the Wi-Fi password and Bluetooth appearance. With a login, the Wi-Fi network you need to renter any password on your iPhone to make sure remembered otherwise but it does not waste your icons.

If this all still does not work?

No problem, you don’t need to be scared. What you all need to do is to be patient. Wait for 24 hours.

iMessage Waiting For Activation

Your issue will be solved. If the issue still remains, do type in the comment section that you are still facing the issue and I’ll help you in solving your issue.



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