iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro- Complete Review iPhone XI Pro & Max

People waited a long period of about 2 years for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro to be released. Apple gave the date of September as they do for all of their new devices so that people have plenty of stuff to buy before the holidays. So Apple iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro are finally out and if you have been searching for iPhone 11 Price then you are just at the right place.

In this article, we are going to do a complete review of the iPhone XI and iPhone 11 Pro. The specifications of these phones will be mentioned and also the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro price will be mentioned.

iPhone 11 Price, Review, and Specifications

In their recent Apple Event 2019 on September 10th, Apple announced four new devices including iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, Apple iPad 2019, and Apple Watch Series 5. We discussed these in detail in our Apple Event summary article which you can check our website. The biggest news, however, from the event was the announcement of the iPhone 11.

iphone 11 and iphone 11 pro

The three iPhones which got announced in this event were the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11, Pro Max. Now, even though the critics weren’t quite happy since they felt there have not been many major changes, fans were excited, and they are loving the better camera and battery life of these phones. You will find it useful to read iPhone keeps restarting

It was the new design of the iPhone XI and iPhone XI Pro, which earned most of the criticism. It is because that the addition of a dual-camera is the only thing that differentiates the iPhone XI from iPhone XR. Also, as compared to the iPhone XR, the battery life has only been improved by 1 hour.

iPhone XI Price in Pakistan

Every time a new iPhone releases, the prices are so enormous that only a handful of people think about getting it. However, for some reason, Apple has been very generous with the prices. The price of the iPhone XI starts from $699 in the US. In Pakistan, the price of this phone will be around 150,000 PKR.

iPhone 11 Specifications

Besides the design which is not really a major improvement from iPhone XR, iPhone 11 has many specifications that will attract you to buying it. A 12 MP front camera has been added with the slow-motion video capture. This feature is a part of the trio of iPhone XI, iPhone XI Pro, and Pro Max.

Also, as compared to the iPhone XR, the battery life of this phone has been extended by 1 hour. If you’ll ask us, this is not a very big improvement since its competitors are still offering a better battery backup. Although, some would argue that this is more than enough in the given price range.

iPhone XI has introduced a lot of new colors which makes it look different from its counterparts. The available colors for iPhone 11 will be black, yellow, white, green, and red variants. As for the display, it features an upgraded 6.1-inch liquid retina screen.

Here is a list of all major specifications of this new iPhone 11:

Screen Size and Resolution: 6.1-inch Liquid Retina Display with 1792×828 resolution

Processor and Storage: A13 Bionic chip and 64, 256, and 512 GB storage options

Rear and Front Cameras: 12 MP ultra-wide rear and 12 MP Front Camera

Water Resistance and Battery Life: IP68 waterproof technology with 11 hours 20 minutes

Colors: Product Red, Purple, Yellow, Green, Black, and White

Apple has not revealed the RAM of this phone so stay tuned until we bring that news for you. So these were the complete iPhone 11 specifications and review which you needed to know.

iPhone XI Pro Price, Review, and Specifications

Whether it is the camera, battery life, screen resolution, and performance, iPhone XI Pro is a huge improvement over its predecessors. However, it is currently famous all over the internet for its dorky design with three rear cameras. This clearly hasn’t been a good design choice which is being bashed by critics and users.

However, we don’t that of it as a bad phone when it comes to the performance and specifications. The introduction of three cameras allows better picture and video quality with wide-view angle capturing ability and ultra-wide feature. 

As for the storage options, this phone isn’t different from iPhone 11 with 64, 256, and 512 GB disk space with no slot available for micro SD. The megapixels in cameras are the same i.e. 12 MP, however, with three cameras, iPhone XI Pro holds an edge.

iPhone XI Pro Price:

iPhone 11 Price in Pakistan will be around 195,000 PKR which is around $1453. iPhone 11 Pro price in India will be half of what it is in Pakistan due to the currency difference between the two countries. The starting price of the iPhone 11 Pro is $999 and that of iPhone 11 Pro Max is $1,099. As compared to the previous iPhones, these phones are pretty affordable.

iPhone XI Pro and Max Specifications:

iPhone XI Pro and Pro Max are the other two phones which will be released alongside iPhone XI and here are their specifications:

iPhone XI Pro and Pro Max Price: 999 USD for iPhone 11 Pro and 1,099 for Pro Max

Screen Size and Resolution of iPhone 11 Pro: 5.8-inch Super Retina XDR Display with 2436×1125 screen resolution

Screen Size and Resolution of iPhone 11 Pro Max: 6.5-inch Super Retina XDR with 2688×1242 resolution

CPU and RAM: The upgraded processor is A13 Bionic while the RAM is still unknown

Storage of iPhone XI Pro and Pro Max: 64, 256, and 512 GB options in both phones

Rear and Front Cameras: Triple 12 MP cameras with ultra-wide and telephoto features and also slow-motion video recording

Water Resistance and Battery: IP68 up to 4 meters and 30 minutes and 11-hour average battery life


So these were the complete iPhone XI, iPhone XI Pro and Pro Max specifications, prices, and review. Check out our Apple Event article for more details about the revealed Apple products in 2019. Keep visiting our website for more detailed info about Apple products and solutions to their problems.

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