iPhone Keeps Restarting Issue [100% Solved]

When the iPhone keeps restarting itself in a loop, it is very annoying and alarming for the users. Our study behind the problem showed that there are many reasons for this issue. For many users, the iPhone keeps restarting when charging and for some, it happens after the drop. Whatever’s the reason behind the problem, there are many solutions as well.

So in this article, we are going to discuss the reason why the iPhone keeps restarting and how to fix it when it is stuck in a loop of restarts. This is going to be a complete guide in which we will not only tell you causes behind this problem but also teach you how to fix it.

Why the iPhone keeps restarting in a loop?

If your iPhone keeps restarting during restore, there might be something wrong with the iOS. There is also an issue with iOS when an iPhone keeps restarting after the update. In an upcoming guide to fix the problem, you will see that both of these reasons have the same solution.

issue of iPhone keeps on restarting fixed 100%

If your iPhone 7 keeps restarting, it is also because of an outdated iOS which mostly people don’t update. Another reason behind this iPhone keeps restating loop is when it gets in contact with water and it enters the hardware. However, this might not be the problem if your iPhone is waterproof. Have you ever faced the issue of iPhone not connecting to wifi? Don’t worry. We will cover all Apple issues that you guys face. 

Another serious issue is the attack of a malware which might have recently invaded your iPhone. So these were some of the many reasons why your iPhone is restarting continuously. We shall now move ahead and do a step-by-step guide to fix this issue.

 5 Methods – How to fix the ‘iPhone Keeps Restarting’?

Since we have got plenty of solution to this single problem, we are now going to cover those methods one-by-one. Depending on what caused this issue for you in the first place.

If ‘iPhone Keeps Restarting’ after battery replacement, try our Method No. 1

If you recently repaired your iPhone, changed its battery and this problem started happening, well, this is definitely a hardware issue. There must be a problem with your new battery which you have replaced. It is recommended that you go back to the repair center and get this battery replaced again.

iPhone restarting after battery replacement

A lot of people get their iPhone repaired from the Apple customer care center. If you did as well then contact them again and let them know about it. Ask for the procedure and get the battery replaced as soon as possible to fix iPhone keeps restarting.

If ‘iPhone Keeps Restarting after the Update’, try our Method No. 2

Keeping your iPhone’s operating up to date is always recommended. However, you must be very unlucky if this problem occurred after you an update. Well, it is time that you revert back to the older settings. Since we all back up our iPhone in iCloud before the updates, the backup must be stored there. To recover the older iOS backup on your iPhone, you will need to follow the steps coming ahead:

  • To remove the latest iOS update, go to the Settings of your iPhone
  • Then go to the General settings and then find the Reset section
  • There, you can tap ‘Erase All Content & Settings’ and let it restart
  • For iCloud back up restore, open the Apps & Data Screen
  • In the iCloud Backup section, tap the Restore button


This will restore the old backup of your iPhone and if the latest update was the issue this will resolve it. However, if iPhone 7 keeps restarting, it might be because you haven’t updated your iOS in a while since this is common for the users of this model. You will need to follow the guide coming ahead to get the latest iOS for iPhone 7 and get the problem fixed.

  • In the Settings, open the General section of the iPhone 7
  • There, find the Software Update section
  • See if the latest iOS update is available for it
  • Download and install this update but first, you must backup
  • After the update is done, there is a good chance that the issue will be solved

If these methods don’t fix the problem, there are some other things coming ahead which you can try.

If ‘iPhone keeps Restating’ when charging, try our Method No. 3

There are times when this problem occurs when you are charging your iPhone. Now, this could either be due to a minor bug or an electronic problem that is happening at the time. One of the solutions to that problem is a force restart. To force restart your iPhone 6 or older devices, you will need to press and hold the Power + Home buttons.


However, for iPhone 7 and other newer devices, you will need to press and hold the Power + Volume Up buttons until the Apple logo appears. Again, if force restarting the iPhone doesn’t work for you to solve this issue, there could either be a malware or a defective charger.

If your iPhone’s charger is defective and this issue is happening, replace it from the market. However, if that doesn’t work as well, there are good chances of a malware invasion. For that, you should follow this guide.

If ‘iPhone keeps Restarting’ due to malware, try our Method No. 4

Sometimes a malware could invade your iPhone from various sources and you wouldn’t know about it. If you weren’t using antivirus software before, it is time that you do so. For iPhone, we recommend that you get AVG antivirus. The following guide will teach you how to do that:

  • Search the app store for AVG antivirus and download its free version
  • You can also buy the premium license for getting better features
  • After installing the antivirus, scan your iPhone for malware
  • If there has been an invasion, AVG will detect and delete the culprit

iPhone keeps restarting due to malware

Note: If your iPhone keeps restarting, again and again, it wouldn’t allow a play store download. An alternative of that is that you connect your iPhone to the iTunes and then install the AVG antivirus through that. In this way, you can easily get rid of the problem.

If ‘iPhone keeps Restarting’ due to an app, try our Method No. 5

There are times when some apps are causing issues like these and you don’t know about it. It is time that you analyze your iPhone and checks for errors in different apps. To do that, follow the steps which are next:

  • Open the Settings of your iPhone and then the Privacy section
  • Now, open the Analytics and then the Analytics Data
  • If an app has some problem, it will show in these analytics
  • You can update or uninstall the app to get it fixed


So this was our complete guide about how and why iPhone keeps restarting and different methods to fix this issue. Some of these methods will definitely work for you so do let us know in the comments. Keep visiting site our site for more of such content.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions


  • Why my iPhone keeps restarting on its own?


Your iPhone might keep restarting and the following are a few reasons:

  • The battery problem
  • The malware invasion
  • An outdated iOS
  • A defective iOS update


  • How do I stop my iPhone from randomly restarting?


Check our detailed guide and find different methods to fix this problem.


  • What do you do when the iPhone keeps turning off and on?


You can restart your iPhone, check it for malware, or update the iOS when your iPhone keeps turning off and on.

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