iPhone Not Connecting to WiFi or Internet [100% FIXED]

iPhone not connecting to WiFi or a wireless network on the internet is a problem which is quite rare. However, when it occurs, it bothers users a lot since we are all connected to each other via the internet on our smartphones. In today’s time when the smartphone is an addiction and everyone has to share something on social platforms or have to browse on the internet how irritating it is when you have to face the issue of the iPhone unable to connect to wifi? In this detailed guide, we will teach you how to fix iPhone not connecting to WiFi at home.

We will be covering not one but many methods using which you can use to resolve the issue. So one method to fix iPhone not connecting to the WiFi network doesn’t work, you can feel free to try another. Let us now discuss why this problem occurs in the first place. One thing I would like to add here is that not all people send me the same kind of issues. Some have asked me that their iPhone not connecting to the wifi automatically. 

Why my iPhone is not connecting to the WiFi?

The reason for bringing so many solutions to this single problem is because the issue could occur due to several reasons. And it is also compulsory to mention that there can be multiple reasons behind a simple issue that you are facing. I would like to mention these possible reasons. These can be the following;

  • The iPhone unable to connect to wifi
  • iPhone not connected to wifi automatically
  • Issue of iPhone won’t connect to wifi incorrect password
  • iPhone wifi wont turn on 
  • iPhone wifi connected but not working
  • The iPhone wifi greyed out
  • my phone cant detect wifi
  • iPhone not connecting to the internet
  • Even iPhone Connected to wifi but no internet
  • Why wont my iPhone connect to wifi
  • iPhone wont stay connected to wifi

The problem could be with your wireless router, network and data settings, or due to damage to your wireless adapter installed on the iPhone. Apple Talkies aims to bring the most recent Apple Solutions and try to help our readers to find the easiest and simple fix. One such guide is the iPhone touch screen not working. If you have ever faced this issue, here is a complete guide for you. 

So whatever the reason, we have ensured that one of the many fixes provided in this guide is going to work for you. Depending on what you think the trouble is, you can try these solutions in any order.

Method No. 1 – Fix iPhone Not Connecting to WiFi by Restarting the Router

Our wireless router is functioning all the time but sometimes the Wi-Fi signals stop working. At times, you will see the router is on but the net connectivity is limited. However, problems like these can simply be resolved by restarting the wireless router you are using.

Reset wifi router to fix iPhone not connecting to wifi

If a reset button is provided on the interface of the router, you can press and restart it. If there is not, you will need to restart it by entering the settings of the router using the IP address. To do that, you will need to follow the steps coming ahead:

  • Open the internet browser on your computer
  • Enter the wireless router manufacturer’s IP address
  • This IP address is always different for different companies
  • Use the admin ID and password to log in into the settings
  • Open the Management tab and find the reboot or restart option
  • Click the option and restart your wireless router

iPhone not connecting to wifi - Reset the router

Once the router has restarted, the iPhone not connecting to WiFi should be resolved. If it hasn’t worked, you can try the following simple method.

Method No. 2 – Fix iPhone Not Connecting to WiFi by restarting the iPhone

Just like the wireless router, when your iPhone is not connecting to Wi-Fi or cellular network, the issue could be with your phone’s network adapter. There is also the possibility that you will face an error like iPhone can’t detect wifi. But if your iPhone detects wifi, luckily, this problem can also be fixed when you simply restart your iPhone. This will reset a couple of things and a major issue like this can be resolved. Follow the steps coming ahead to get rid of the problem:

  • Press and hold the power button until the slider appears
  • Slide the slider and turn off the iPhone
  • Again, press and hold the power button to start the phone
  • To force restart your iPhone, press and hold the power + home buttons
  • Do this until the Apple logo appears and your phone will restart

So by restarting or force restarting the phone, this ‘iPhone not connecting to the Wi-Fi’ issue can be resolved.

Method No. 3 – Fix iPhone Not Connecting to WiFi with Correct Password

If someone in your home or office has changed the wireless password, it will show as connected but wouldn’t browse the internet on your iPhone. This is just like when the internet shows limited connectivity. To fix this, you will need to forget the old Wi-Fi network or password and then reenter the new password. To do that, you will need to follow the steps given ahead:

  • Open the settings on your iPhone and then the Wi-Fi tab
  • In this tab, tap the wireless network if you need to fix
  • After tapping it, tap the forget option and then tap it again
  • Now, reenter the correct password which was changed and connect
  • Your iPhone will now be connected to the Wi-Fi

iPhone not connecting to wifi

If these 3 simple methods didn’t work, the problem is probably in your network settings or the wireless hardware. We shall now proceed and tackle those complex issues.

Method No. 4 – Fix iPhone Not Connecting to WiFi by Resetting Network Settings

When there are problems with the network settings of your iPhone, it isn’t going to connect with the Wi-Fi or data. So when your iPhone is not connecting to Wi-Fi but other devices are, the network settings could be faulty. This is why it is important that you try resetting the network settings of your iPhone and get it fixed. If you don’t know how to reset these settings, a simple guide on our site is going to help you. 

To do that, here are some major steps for fixing it:

  • Open the General tab of your iPhone in the settings
  • In this tab, you will find the reset settings tab
  • Here, you will find the ‘Reset Network Settings’ option
  • Tap this option and reset the settings. 

You should now try connecting to the Wi-Fi network and it will start working. For some people, this method might not work so we have still got an alternative to the problem.

Method No. 5- Fix iPhone Not Connecting to the internet by updating the iOS

Unlike other smartphones, the matters of the iPhone are a bit different. For instance, if you don’t keep updating the iOS, many of its functions will stop working. So when you don’t do the regular iOS updates, it could affect many functions including the Wi-Fi connectivity of the iPhone. To fix this, you should update the iPhone operating system right now.

To update the iOS of your iPhone, you will need to follow the steps coming ahead:

  • Open the Settings tab of the iPhone and enter the General tab
  • In this tab, you will find the Software Update option
  • If an update is available, this section will show you
  • You can now start downloading this update to install it

Update IOS Software to connect iPhone to wifi

Once you update your iPhone, there is a good chance that it will resolve the issue for you.


So these were some of the best 5 methods using which you can fix the iPhone not connecting to the Wi-Fi problem. If you are done trying and the problem is fixed, you should let us know in the comments about the method which worked for you. This will help other people on this site who are looking forward to fixing this issue with their iPhone. Also, keep visiting our website for interesting content related to Apple devices.



  • Why is my internet connected but not working?

In this situation, the network connectivity could be limited or someone has changed the password. You can try the option to “forget password” and reenter the correct password to fix the issue. Or you can also wait for the network and try to connect again after the limit connectivity period ends.

  • Why can’t I connect to my wireless network on the iPhone?

When your iPhone is not connecting to the wireless network, there are many fixes that you can try as we have fixed in the detailed guide on our website.

  • Why can’t my phone find my WiFi?

If your iPhone can’t find the Wi-Fi, make sure that the Wi-Fi is turned also. Also, the wireless network could be hidden so you will need to add it manually by using the SSID and password.

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