iPhone Spinning Wheel Black Screen Issue – [100% FIXED]

iPhone Spinning Wheel is not something we don’t know about. The iPhone stuck on Spinning Wheel is a problem when the Apple users face almost every day. This happens when they restore their phone to factory settings or doing some other updates. It is happening more these days after the people are trying to update their phone to the latest 12.1 iOS update 2019. In this article, we are bringing 100% working fixes for iPhone Spinning Wheel Black Screen issue.

However, most of the population facing this issue came across it after the iOS 10 update. Well, there are many reasons behind this problem but today, we will only be focusing on the solutions. This is going to be a detailed guide on how to fix this iPhone Spinning Wheel on iPhone 8 and other phones by Apple.

Why iPhone Stuck on Spinning Wheel Black Screen error occurs?

The experts have tried many times to know the exact reasons for this problem. While there are no definite answers for why it happens, some think that iPhone Spinning Wheel stuck problem appeared after the iOS 10 update. It could be due to some trouble with the log files or a bug which came with the latest updates. This ‘Black Screen of Death’ on the iPhone could also be due to a virus causing trouble at the backend.

fix iphone spinning wheel

Regardless of the reasons why this problem may occur, we have got plenty of solutions using which this issue can be resolved. You force restart your iPhone, fix it with iMyFone software, or use the recovery mode to get rid of it. If you don’t know how to handle these operations, our complete guide coming ahead will teach you that.

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Note: This iPhone Spinning Wheel usually appears when there is a general activity going on. So if you are doing something, wait for an ideal time period to end the process. If it gets stuck for longer, you can move on to fix it.

100% Working Methods to fix iPhone Spinning Wheel on Black Screen

We have got many solutions to this single problem. Depending on what you think of how this problem occurred, you can try these fixes in any order. So without any further delay, let us take you to those methods:

Method No. 1 – Fix iPhone Spinning Wheel by Force Restarting your iPhone

If you have got an older iPhone like iPhone 6, 6s, or different SE models, you can solve various problems simply by force restarting the phone. To force restart your iPhone to fix this issue follow the steps provided ahead:

Force Restart you iPhone to fix iPhone spinning wheel

  • On iPhone 6s or older phones, press and hold the ‘Home and Sleep’ buttons simultaneously
  • Keep holding unless the Apple logo appears on your screen
  • On iPhone 7 or 7+, you will need to press Power + Volume Down
  • Again, wait for the Apple logo and let it restart while solving the issue
  • On iPhone 8, X, or iPhone XS Max, press the volume up and leave instantly
  • Now do the same for the volume down key and then hold the power key
  • After the Apple logo appears on the screen, enter the password to get it done

So these were different ways of force restarting various iPhone devices and fixing iPhone Spinning Wheel stuck on Black Screen. If that didn’t work for you, we have got an even better way so keep read ahead.

Method No. 2 – Updating the iOS to fix iPhone Spinning Wheel Black Screen


Your current iOS version could be responsible for causing this problem. Updating this version of your iOS could be your doorway to fixing this issue for good. Also, getting the newer version of the operating system brings you a faster, better, and secure experience. A lot of bugs could be hanging out in your phone and getting the update might kill them in the process. If you need to get an iOS update to fix iPhone Spinning Wheel, follow the steps given ahead:

  • Open the ‘Settings’ of your iPhone and go to the ‘General’ section
  • Below the ‘About’ section, you will find the ‘software update’ tab
  • Tap it and it will show you if an update is available for your iOS
  • Click the option ‘Download and Install’ to get this done
  • Also, click on ‘Agree’ for terms and conditions

Once your phone has downloaded and installed the update, the iPhone Spinning Wheel Black Screen should be fixed when you start using your new iOS. While you must be done after this step, another alternative method for fixing the problem is coming ahead.

Method No. 3 – Using the Recovery Mode to fix iPhone Spinning Wheel Stuck on Black Screen

When different errors are troubling you on iPhone, the Recovery Mode of iPhone could serve as a savior. As far as this problem is concerned, this recovery mode can be used and get rid of it. However, there are some precautions you must take before entering the recovery mode such as backing up your phone’s data. To make a backup of your data with iCloud, follow the following steps:

  • In the Settings of your iPhone, find the iCloud section
  • In this section, find the Storage & Backup tab
  • Now backup your data and iCloud will keep it safe

iPhone black screen with spinning wheel

Once you are done backing up the data, follow the steps given below to enter the recovery mode with iTunes and fix the issue:

  • Connect your iPhone to Windows or Mac PC which has iTunes
  • Use the force restart controls from the 1st Method to force restart
  • When you will do so while connecting to the iTunes, your phone will start in the recovery mode
  • An alert message will then appear on your screen telling you to Update or Restore your phone
  • You can choose the first option and let iTunes do the rest
  • When you will disconnect your Phone and restart, the tyrant iPhone Spinning Wheel will be gone

This is simply how you can fix this iPhone Spinning Wheel issue by using the Apple Recovery Mode.


So these were our 100% Working Methods to fix iPhone Spinning Wheel stuck on Black Screen issue. After trying these methods, let us know which one of these worked for you. Your feedback helps our other users facing the same issues as you. Keep visiting our website to learn more about different Mac & iPhone problems and solutions.

iPhone Stuck on Black Screen FAQs

Some of the following FAQs might help you further with this issue:

  • What causes iPhone Black Screen of Death?

This issue can be caused by a virus in your phone, some trouble with the log files, or a bug in your iOS. Try the methods listed in our guide and fix it now.

  • What is the spinning circle on my iPhone?

The spinning circle on the iPhone screen usually indicates some general activity happening on your phone. However, it gets stuck and doesn’t go away, then it is a sign of some issue on your iPhone.

  • What do you do if your iPhone is stuck on the loading screen?

If your iPhone is stuck on the loading screen, you can try the following things to fix it which are also explained in detail in the guide:

  • Try Force Restarting your iPhone
  • Try Updating the iOS to fix loading screen stuck
  • Try using the Recovery Mode to fix it

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