Download Rufus for Mac in 2020- Top 5 Free Rufus Alternatives

Desktop users love Rufus for the way it has provided ease in writing bootable disks and USBs. However, an official release of Rufus for Mac hasn’t been announced yet. But you shouldn’t worry since we are introducing 5 Best Alternatives to Rufus for Mac in 2020. You can download this software for free and create bootable discs on Mac.

What is Rufus and how to use it?

Before we move on to cover the software, we should introduce you to Rufus. Rufus is a free software for Windows PCs which you can use to create free bootable devices such as USBs. Rufus supports both 64 or 32-bit Windows version

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10

You can then use your respective drive to install Windows or perform other required functions.

How to download rufus - Guide by AppleTalkies

If you want to learn how to use Rufus and make your device bootable, follow the steps written below:

  • Download and install Rufus latest version free on your computer
  • Insert a USB drive into the USB port of your desktop or laptop PC
  • Open Rufus and click on ‘click to select an image’ option
  • From your computer’s hard drive, import the ISO image containing the OS
  • Since your USB has already been loaded in Rufus, click on ‘Start’
  • This will write the ISO image on your USB and make it bootable

If you are an old PC user, you will remember that there were times when you used to install the operating system with the help of the Bootable DVD. But soon the advancement in technology has made these things so easy, now if you want to install the operating system like windows 10 what you all need is to go to windows media creation tool and create a USB drive for your PC / Laptop / Macbook and from there you can install latest version of Windows.

5 Best Alternatives of Rufus for Mac – AppleTalkies Listed

  1. DishMaker X
  2. UNetbootin
  3. Deepin Boot Maker
  4. Multiboot USB
  5. Etcher

Top 5 Best Alternatives for Rufus for Mac

Now, let us move forward and tell you about the best 5 alternatives you can get to Rufus for Mac.

1. DishMaker X – Alternative to Rufus for Mac

The fifth and final Rufus for Mac alternative is DishMaker X which we have chosen for this list. If you always wished to use Rufus on your Mac, this software provides a similar interactive environment for that. Most of the features are the same and even the updates get released on similar dates of the month. A version of DishMaker X is also available for Windows if you are looking for a stable booting experience.

DishMaker X another alternative to Rufus

So DishMaker X Mojave which is the fifteenth edition of Mac OS is the best thing you can get. Whether you own a USB or SD card, you can write an ISO image on both of these input devices. Though the software will format all of your files, you can copy them later while the written OS still present on the drive. Before you learn how to use it, get DishMaker X download for Mac right now on our site.

  • DishMaker X is also free to download it from the official site
  • Make sure that you the latest and more stable version of it
  • Plug the input device in and import the ISO image file
  • You can now write it and use it for your particular need

2. UNetbootin – Alternative to Rufus for Mac

The first and best alternative we bring you is UNetbootin which is free software. This booting software is compatible only with Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. Using this application, you can create bootable drives for the various OS including Mac, Linux, Ubuntu, and Fedora. The cross-platform compatibility of the software makes one of the most demanded ones.

UNetbootin is a good alternative for rufus

Just like Rufus, UNetbootin is also very easy to use for all users. In fact, there are some added advantages when you are creating a bootable drive with this. So instead of searching Rufus for Mac download, get this free software and make your life easy. The following is an easy step-by-step guide to teach you how to use this software.

  • Download and Install UNetbootin for Mac or Linux Mint
  • Make sure that you already have the ISO image you need to write
  • Plug the USB in the port and import the ISO image for writing on it
  • Now simply click the start button and get things going for yourself

3. Deepin Boot Maker – Alternative to Rufus for Mac

What Deepin Boot Maker does is to provide another smart alternative to Rufus users who can’t get it working on your Mac systems. This boot maker is developed by Deepin Team known for developing many useful applications for this platform. As far as this software is concerned, it is another fast, efficient, and easy to use with a very simple interface. In fact, Deepin Boot Maker consumes much less from your total ram as compared to Rufus and others.

If you are searching for Rufus alternative then use Deepin

Before we move towards the installation and using process, make sure that you get Deepin Boot Maker download from our site. The Deepin Boot Maker Ubuntu is also available on our site. Make sure that you download and install the latest version of the software to enjoy a bug-free and fast experience. People searching for deepin boot maker windows 10 download should stick to Rufus since it performs better on this operating system.

The installation process is the same, however, we should still mention it for you.

  • Download the software and also the ISO image file on your Mac
  • Open Deepin Boot Maker for Mac and import the image file
  • You can only write on a USB device using this application

4. Multiboot USB – Alternative to Rufus for Mac

If you have used UNetbootin, you wouldn’t find Multiboot USB software much different from it. In fact, all the options and even the interface of both applications match. However, the first option on this list is much more stable and faster. You should only get Multiboot USB creator as a Rufus alternative if UNetbootin is causing an issue for you. Multiboot USB for Mac also works on Windows and Linux operating system which is quite good for the users.

Multiboot USB is a wonderful alternative for Rufus

Multiboot USB maker is another of the finest alternatives due to the similarities between the two applications. For instance, this software also does auto-mounting of the USB drive just like Rufus. Also, you can mount different formats of image files including ISO and. IMG. This feature is even available for Linux OS which doesn’t auto-mount USB drives using other software.

Since the using method of this software is also the same, we would like to discuss its features.

  • Multiboot USB Rufus alternative is also a free application
  • It is compatible with Mac, Linux, and Windows OS
  • The software supports ISO and many other image files
  • You will get the latest updates of this software for free

5. Etcher – Alternative to Rufus

The second best Rufus alternative for this list is Etcher. This software is for you if you are prone to have applications with simpler interfaces. This is also an open-source application which is fast and effective in its work. Even though its features are limited but still it is more than enough to get the job done. Using an easy interface, it allows you to create bootable drives for doing operating system installation your Mac.

Alternative to Rufus is Etcher

The writing range of Etcher starts from USB disks and extends to SD cards. Also, even though its range is limited, it can still write both ISO and other image files on the mentioned devices. There are thousands of users who admire the software for its ease of use and simple features. The interface of Etcher is what attracts people the most and that is why it has millions of users today on Mac and Linux.

  • Again, download and install Etcher free on your Mac or Linux device
  • Download the ISO image you want to write and import
  • Just make sure that the USB or SD card is already plugged in
  • Now write the image within a matter of a few minutes

So these were 5 best Rufus for Mac free alternatives. The free and safe download links of these are available on our site so don’t forget to download them.

Final Thoughts

So this was our ultimate step-by-step guide on how to use Rufus on Mac and the Rufus alternatives which you needed. If the guide left you with any confusions related to Rufus Windows 10 and Mac versions, leave your queries in the comments section. Some of the things we are expecting in the future are Rufus 3 and Rufus for Linux update so stay tuned to our website for that. 

FAQs Related to Rufus Download for Mac

Check the following FAQ section where we have answered some of your bonus questions.

  • Can Rufus be used on Mac?

No, right now there is no official Rufus version for Mac. However, you can still use the Rufus alternatives on Mac and get the same job done.

  • How do I create a bootable USB drive for Mac?

Download any of the above Rufus for Mac alternative software on your Mac and follow the steps given below:

  • Download an ISO image file for the operating system you need
  • Open any software like Rufus and import the ISO image file
  • Make sure that the USB drive is already connected to make it bootable
  • How do I make a bootable USB drive for Mac and Windows?

For creating a bootable USB drive on Windows, use Rufus Windows 10 or other version. For doing that on Mac, use UNetbootin for Mac and successful create your bootable USB drive.

  • What is Boot Camp Assistant on my Mac?

This is a multi-boot utility for doing many tasks such as ISO to USB Mac boot and others.

  • Is Windows free for Mac?

Windows and Mac are two separate operating systems. There is no way you can use Windows on Mac or vice versa. However, you can use Mac apps on Windows using emulators.

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