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Free Mind Mapping Apps for iOS and Android

When it comes to the usefulness, the Mind Mapping Apps the most important ones. The software in this category is plenty, however, it is pretty difficult to decide between the best ones. Today, we are going to cover the Free Mind Mapping Apps for iOS and Mac. You can run the mentioned Mind Mapping Apps for iPad and iPad Pro as well.

So in this article, we are going to do a list of the best and free Mind Mapping Apps for students and working people. However, before we move on and review the apps, it is important that we introduce you to them.

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What is Mind Mapping Apps?

Mind Mapping Apps help you organize your thoughts and ideas at one place in an app to create a map and create something useful out of it. If you are someone who has a lot of ideas but doesn’t know which one to work on, the AI used in the mind mapping app would help.

Best Mind Mapping Apps

These apps provide the best means of making plans, be creative, and improve your critical thinking abilities. When you create these mind maps, the concepts are well-understood by you and thus you can move forward in any field of life.

Mind Mapping Apps are usually available on all platforms including Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and Windows. Today, we are going to cover plenty of these apps so you can choose one for yourself.

1. Mindomo Mind Mapping App:

The ideas of your mind can only be unleashed if you take the help of the right software. Compatible with Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android, Mindomo is the first mind mapping app which we have chosen for our list. It is time that you fill the app with the ideas scattered in your mind and get the best visual presentation of them on the screen.

Mindomo Mind Mapping App

Unlike other mind mapping apps, this one allows you to make groups and work with your friends and colleagues on different ideas. You can share those ideas with them over social media or through the app if they have it as well.

There are some nice sharing options on the interface of the app. This is one of the latest apps which you can sync with your cloud storage on iPhone or Android and save all the progress. To get the Mindomo download, click the link provided after the following features.

  • Mindomo is compatible with iOS, Mac, Windows, and Linux.
  • The app syncs with your iCloud or Google Drive for back up.
  • Now share your ideas with your friends in real-time.
  • There visual presentation of the Mindomo app is quite attractive.
  • One of the highly recommended mind mapping apps for teachers and students.

2. MindView Mind Mapping App:

Being a hardcore Mac user, you would want the best mind mapping app which is only compatible with Mac and is made exclusively for the Apple devices. Well, we have come up with the MindView 7 software for you guys who are using Mac and iOS devices.

MindView Mind Mapping App

There are plenty of features that make this software great for mind mapping including the Mac-friendly interface, collaboration options, advanced project planning, templates, and video tutorials inside the package teaching you the best method of using the software.

MindView 7 is the latest edition of this software which even comes with Microsoft Office integration. As for the other features, they are listed below:

  • The Microsoft Office integration allows you to import and export from Word and Excel
  • You are going to love the user-friendly interface of this best mind mapping app
  • There are plenty of collaboration options for the users to work with their friends
  • The project planning options provided in the app are definitely incredible

3. Lucid Chart Mind Map Software:

Lucid Chart is another incredible mind mapping software which comes with incredible new features that you would want. This is also compatible with Mac and other Apple devices with hundreds of new templates and brainstorming sessions. The automated interface of the software is what makes it great in the first place.

Lucid Chart Mind Map Software

Just like our first app for the list, this also comes with an option for the conversion of ideas into different file formats including Pdf and .jpeg to share them on different platforms. When you are done working, you can also get a URL to share it on your social profiles.

What we love about this mind mapping software is the presentation quality in the form of graphs and images. These diagrams can be customized using easy keyboard shortcuts. The listed below are some advanced features:

  • This software has the best mind map template on the internet
  • It is also a great alternative to the Google mind map
  • The best method of transforming ideas into visuals and charts
  • You are going to find the innovation you were looking from your ideas

4. Mind Node:

When it comes to the free mind mapping apps, Mind Node 6 is definitely the best with its latest visualizing techniques and presentation. If you are new with these apps, you will love the easy and stunning interface which makes it easier for newbies to use the mind mapping apps for Mac.

Mind Node Mind Mapping App

Where there is so much going inside a mind mapping software, it is common for the users to lose track of what they were doing. However, Mind Node 6 would block all distractions and you will stay focused on a single project as long as you are working on it.

The quality of visuals such as charts and graphs with different free templates of this mind mapping app is very impressive. This is one of the reasons why we highly recommend it for our users. You can get the free Mind Node 6 download from our site.

  • One of the best and latest mind mapping apps for Mac, iOS, and Android
  • There are many free templates available for Mind Node
  • A very powerful platform which allows you to turn your ideas into reality

5. SimpleMind Mind Mapping App:

SimpleMind Mind Mapping Map is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. This is another great free mind mapping software which is known for being intuitive and free functionality with no ads to bother you while working.

SimpleMind Mind Mapping App

We have tested it for ease of use and the app was definitely able to impress us. With the new update, some new features like free templates and interface improvements were added which are very useful.

  • Though this is a free app, no advertisement will bother you at all
  • Create your own notes about a single project to keep a track
  • You don’t need to create an account for using the app


So these were our best mind mapping apps in 2019 for iOS and Android. If you agree with the list or want to add something, leave us your feedback in the comments section. Keep visiting our website for more interesting content.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the best mind mapping app?

Mind Node 6 for iOS is the best mind mapping app and Simple Mind is the best free mind mapping app for Android.

2. How I create a mind map?

Just keeping inserting the ideas in the mind mapping app and it will do the rest.

3. What is the best mind mapping software for Mac?

According to our opinion, Mindomo is the best mind mapping software for Mac and Android.

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