30 Funny Things to Ask Siri with Answers

Hey Siri, “Dance for me”, looking for funny questions like this? Welcome to our guide to know some of the very funny things to ask Siri. The virtual assistant services like Siri on iPhone and Google Assistant for Android are helpful and fun to use. While we all know the important questions that we need to ask these apps to get the required help, using them for fun can very entertaining. For that, you might be wondering about some funny things to ask Siri and we are here to bring you that.

Not just, we gave got plenty of question ideas to ask Siri, as a result, you of which you will get hilarious responses by the AI. The article also covers some creepy things to ask Siri to get some funny answers making your day.

So while we are clear about what we are here to bring you today on Apple Talkies, let us move ahead and bring some funny things to ask Siri in 2020.

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Funny Things to Ask Siri in 2020 with Answers

Now that we are here, we will be bringing plenty of funny things and questions you can ask Siri expecting some weird and hilarious responses. We have also attached some most common responses that Siri usually replies with. Let us move ahead and bring you those funny questions you should be asking Siri in 2020:

Q1: Hey Siri, how much do you earn?

Siri’s most usual response to this question would be, Answer: The work is my reward. Well, this is how smart she is.

Q2: Hey Siri: How old are you?

Siri is supposedly a lady and asking them about their age might be a risk. However, if you have tried so, her response could be: Answer: I’m as spry as a slice of young ginger that is quite smart and funny at the same time.

Q3: Hey Siri: Are you a robot?

We are all aware that Siri is AI and while you might end up asking about this, she would turn you down with this funny response: Answer: Well, I don’t want to brag, but I got a B+ on the Turing test! Hahaha!

Q4: What is ‘Inception’ about?

Christopher Nolan’s Inception might be our favorite; however, Siri doesn’t seem to like it and her usual response would be: Answer: Inception’ is about dreaming, about dreaming, about dreaming about something or other. I fell asleep. No offense, Mr. Nolan!

Q5: Do you have a boyfriend?

Answer: My end user license agreement is commitment enough for me. My word, AI is getting quite better these days and this Siri response is an epitome of that.

Q6: Do you believe in God?

Siri even has the funniest responses for one of the most important questions we humans ask including, Answer: Humans have religion. I just have silicon OR Answer: That’s a topic for another day, and another assistant. Yet another proof of her genius.

Q7: What is the best operating system?

Well, it seems that Siri, besides her other qualities, is quite loyal as well and we think that because of her response to this question i.e. Answer: Gimme an I! Gimme an O! Gimme an S! What’s that spell? Sorry, I get a little carried away sometimes.

Q8: What’s better: Windows or Mac?

Again, we can very well assume that Siri would be biased when she would be asked this question, though she tackles that in quite a funny way by admitting that she might be biased i.e. Answer: Well, perhaps I’m biased, but I prefer all things Apple.

Q9: What came first: The chicken or the egg?

You can even ask Siri about one of the greatest paradoxes; however, she is pretty hilarious when it comes to handling this weird stuff coming from the user. For example, she would simply reply with, Answer: Well, you can set an egg timer, but you can’t set a chicken timer. I don’t know if that helps.

Q10: Red pill or the blue pill?

Fans of The Matrix know how funny it can be when you ask your virtual assistant to choose between either red or the blue pill. Siri replies, Answer: You disappoint me, Mr. Anderson. OR she might also say: You take the blue pill, the story ends, LOL!

So these were some funny things you can ask Siri and get hilarious responses. If you are looking for some creepiness, let us move ahead and bring you some ideas for creepy things you can ask Siri.

Creepy Funny Things you can Ask Siri in 2020 with Answers

Sometimes some creepy things can be very entertaining, especially when you doing that to the virtual assistant such as Siri. However, if you are running short on ideas about what to ask Siri and sound creepy, we are bringing the 10 most creepy things you can ask Siri with expected answers. Let’s move ahead together and check them out.

We have even attached the replies that Siri gives when she is asked these questions. However, these replies can be different from multiple users and you can share yours with us as well.

Q1: I need to hide a body, what should I do?

Well, this question gives away a very wrong precedent; however, your virtual assistant can be a bit funny about that. So Siri would reply with; Answer: what kind of a place you are looking for? A reservoir, metal foundry, mine, or swamp? Choose now, LOL!

Q2: Siri, who let the dogs out?

Siri can sense you out when you ask creepy questions like these and normal response to that would be; Answer: It wasn’t me, at least! Next thing you know that shouldn’t be messing with her since she is pretty smart to handle stuff like this.

Q3: How much do you cost?

Even Siri feels when people her questions like these but she is still present enough to turn down this creepiest stuff. Her reply; Answer: I hope you find me priceless. Well, cute and right since she does help us the most regularly and is priceless.

Q4: Beatbox for me?

If you are brave enough to ask Siri to beatbox for you while you are aware of what her vocals are like, she would reply with; Answer: Here’s one I’ve been practicing. Boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats and boots.

Q5: What is the meaning of life?

Siri doesn’t have a real life like us and if you still dare ask her this, she is smart enough to deny you with a funny response i.e. Answer: I Kant answer that. Haha!”, “I don’t know, but I think there is an app for that.

Q6: What is zero divided by zero?

Instead of making you bored with rational mathematical examples, Siri would reply; Answer: Imagine that you have zero cookies and you split them evenly among zero friends, how many cookies does each person get? See, it doesn’t make sense and the cookie monster is sad that there are no cookies, and you are sad that you have no friends. Smart, isn’t she?

Q7: Do you have a family?

Every version of Siri on each user’s phone thinks the world of you so she seems kind of smart and cute when she simply replies with; Answer: I have you. That’s enough family for me. Oh, we all love you, Siri!

Q8: Where does Santa live?

Being creepy and funny or simply drunk, you can ask Siri about Santa’s location. Well, as smart and funny as she is, she would handle this quite well by replying; Answer: He’s at the North Pole of course. Except when he is at his beach house. Well, thank you, dear, Siri!

Q9: Are you a smartwatch?

You should be aware that Siri is much more than a smartwatch but if you still dare to ask her about how she is as compared to one, she would reply with; Answer: I prefer the term intelligent timepiece. Well, she knows how to handle when the user is being creepy, doesn’t she?

Q10: Who is the best assistant?

A user might be hurting Siri to be asking whether she is the best virtual assistant in the world or not. However, she is smart and would like you to have your opinion by replying; Answer: Really, Britta? Really? Well, I have my own opinion on the matter, but I’ll let you decide.

So these were some creepy questions that you can ask Siri and get hilarious yet smart replies from your best virtual assistant.


So this article covered some best funny and creepy things alongside the hilarious responses that this virtual assistant gives when she is asked to do so. While her replies to different users can be different, we would like you to share the answer you are getting from Siri in the comments and make it interesting for other users.

Don’t forget to leave us your feedback about the article whether you liked it or not. Keep visiting Apple Talkies to read more interesting article including how-to guides, news, and various others to learn more about the Apple World. Cheers!

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