iPhone Touch Screen Not Working – [100% Working]

When the iPhone Touch Screen Not Working issue occurs, your Apple smartphone becomes a useless thing. However, this problem is not permanent and there are a lot of methods available out there to fix it. So when your iPhone Touch Screen is not working properly, you start looking for those methods.

In this complete guide, we will be discussing those methods and fix iPhone Touch Screen Not Working after the update. We will ensure that all methods are explained thoroughly and you will even find the screenshots so you can understand things better.

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Why iPhone Touch Screen is Not Working?

When you look for reasons, there could be many of them. Also, the problem could either be with the software or hardware and the solutions you are trying must be after diagnosing the problem. However, if you don’t know what is causing the problem, you can try the methods one-by-one.

Different reasons for iPhone touch screen not working

So if your iPhone touch screen is not working after the drop, the solution will be different and vice versa if it happened after the update. Have you ever faced the issue of approve this iPhone? Then must read our guide related to approve this iPhone. Though the solutions will be explained in detail as well, first, you should get a list of them:

  • Restarting the device could help
  • Removing the screen protector might also fix it
  • Cleaning the screen would be a good option as well
  • Your hands should be clean to use the touchscreen

We shall now cover this stuff in detail.

Method No. 1 – Fix iPhone Touch Screen Not Working by Force Starting

Even a little bug or problem with your device can make it stuck. When such is the case, a simple restart might help, however, you cannot do the simple thing since the touchscreen is not working. In this case, you will need to force restart your phone and the following are some easy steps to do that:

reset iPhone 6s or older models to fix the issue of touch screen

Force Restart controls for iPhone 6s or older devices:

  • To force restart your iPhone, press and hold the Power + Home buttons
  • Do that until an Apple logo appears your screen
  • Your iPhone will now restart and when it has, check the touchscreen

Force Restart controls for iPhone 7 and above: Press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons until the Apple logo appears and the phone restarts.

If this fixed it for you then you are done. If not, you should keep reading the guide.

Method No. 2 – Fix iPhone Touch Screen Not Working by adjusting 3D Touch Settings

The 3D touch feature in the newer iPhones is very smart. However, when the settings for this feature aren’t done properly, it could cause different problems including this iPhone Touch Screen Not Working issue. But if you adjust the 3D touch settings properly, it could fix the issue. To do that, the following are some major steps to guide you:

  • Go to the Settings of your iPhone and then the General section
  • In this section, find the Accessibility settings of the phone
  • Open the 3D Touch section and you will find its settings
  • Switch between settings like light, firm, and medium
  • On selecting each setting, check if the touchscreen is working
  • Keep using the settings on which your touchscreen starts functioning
  • If it still doesn’t, you can also turn off the 3D touch and then check

If your iPhone touchscreen still isn’t working, you can try the alternative method coming ahead to fix it.

Method No. 3 – Fix iPhone Touch Screen Not Working by fixing Third-Party Apps

We use many third-party apps on our phones which can cause issues like these. However, when your touchscreen is not working, you can uninstall them. What you need to do here is to open your iPhone in the safe mode and then diagnose the apps to check if they have some problem which is causing the iPhone touchscreen to hang. To fix the issue, here are some major steps:

  • To enter the safe mode, press and hold the power and home buttons
  • The screen will turn black and then you will release the home button
  • Now, while holding the power button, hold the volume up button
  • The Apple logo will appear and you will enter the safe mode
  • In the safe mode, all third-party apps are disabled
  • Check the touchscreen of your iPhone if it is working now

If your touchscreen is working in the safe mode when the third-party apps are disabled, you need to uninstall them and get it working in the normal mode. The iPhone touchscreen not working issue can also occur due to the full storage. Our next step is related to that so move ahead and read that.

Method No. 4 – Fix iPhone Touch Screen Not Working by freeing up storage space

Your iPhone’s screen will stop working when the storage is full. To make it working again, you will need to free up some space. We always recommend getting a 64 or 128 GB iPhone. If this is the case, follow the steps coming to free up some storage space and fix iPhone Touchscreen’s unresponsiveness:

  • Open the Settings and then the General section in these settings
  • Find the ‘Storage & iCloud Usage’ and enter the section
  • In this section, enter the ‘Manage Storage’ tab
  • Now, delete what is not important to free up some space
  • You can also free some space by deleting unnecessary Multimedia in Gallery

You will now have cleared enough space to get this issue fixed. However, if the problem of iPhone Touchscreen Not Working happened after the update, you will need to try the fifth and final fix.

Method  No. 5 – Fix iPhone Touch Screen Not Working by downgrading your iOS

If you are using an older iPhone, an upgrade to iOS 11 and newer operating systems might have brought many problems. In a list of these problems, the unresponsiveness touchscreen is another which can be fixed if you simply downgrade your iOS to iOS 10 from 11 or newer.

Use itunes to reset your phone.

To restore the lost data or older iOS version, you can do that using the iTunes on your Windows or Mac PC. The second option to recover the older iOS 10 data is to restore the backup from iCloud.


So this was everything you needed to know about fixing the iPhone Touch Screen Not Working problem. We introduced you to 5 working methods which you can try one-by-one. Once you have fixed it, let us know which method worked for you in the comments section to help other users facing the same issue. Your feedback is much appreciated on our site. Keep visiting our site for finding solutions to problems for Apple devices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • How do I fix an unresponsive touchscreen?

You can do the following things for fixing an unresponsive touchscreen:

  • Clean the screen with a dry cloth
  • Check if the screen protector is alright
  • Clear some storage space if it is full
  • Restart the device to fix the unresponsive touchscreen
  • Replace the screen in case of a hardware issue
  • How do I fix an unresponsive touch screen iPhone 7?

Force restart your iPhone by pressing and holding Power + Home buttons and fix the unresponsive screen problem.

  • Why is my iPhone touchscreen acting up?

If you have a newer iPhone and its touchscreen is acting up, try changing the 3D touch settings. This will be a nice fix. 

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