How to Turn Off Two-Factor Authentication for Apple ID

Privacy and security of personal data stored in online servers are one of the hottest topics of the information technology world. The entire data can be easily stolen if you lose your password or hacked by hackers. Unless you know the right tools to protect your online authentication method like the two-factor authentication method of security.

In this article, first, we will discuss what is an Apple ID then the Two Factor Authentication then its advantages and disadvantages. Then it’s up to you whether you want to Turn On or Turn Off Two-Factor Authentication option in your Apple gadgets.

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What is an Apple ID?  

Apple is one of the leading smart gadget manufacturers in the world and well known for its strict policies for data safety and security. The entire data of Apple devices are stored in centralized servers located in different regions of the world.

So whenever a person buys an Apple device like a smartwatch, iPhones, iPad, or MacBook he can’t access the Apple services unless he has an account in the Apple portal. That account is termed as a unique Apple ID for that person and he can access the Apple services from anywhere across the globe.

To create Apple ID, first, you have to go to Apple online portal then register yourself with a particular email address and password, and then apple assigns you an Apple ID through which you can log in to the Apple cloud via any Apple gadget. You may find it useful – The best mac data recovery software. 

Apple Cloud stores all the sensitive and personal information of the person like family pictures album, contact list, email data, backups, etc. the entire data can be easily stolen if someone somehow gets the password of the person Apple ID and it would be a disaster for that person.

What is Two-Factor Authentication and how it works?

Two-Factor Authentication for Apple ID is a security method ensures the safety of the account and the data stored in it. It is one of the most common security methods of Apple services to ensure the safe login procedure through Apple ID from any trusted devices used by the customer.

In this method, a person can only access the Apple services by providing two authentic proofs of his authentication. The first proof is the password of that Apple ID and second proof can be a question only that person knows or it can be number generated by Apple login mechanism which only sent via email or appears on already logged in the device or it can be sent to the registered number of user, after providing both proofs online server will grant access to that person to use that account. 

Once you logged in from a device via the Two-Factor Authentication method then there is no need of going through the procedure unless you sign out, remove the device, or changes your password for any reason.

The other advantage of this procedure or method is if you give your password to someone then he can only access if they have the second code or proof required for authentication. 

Advantages of Two-Factor Authentication method

The most important advantage of the Two-Factor Authentication is if a person’s password is leaked or hacked then the only password is not enough to access the account and precious information stored on the apple cloud. 

If anyone tries to access the account via your Apple ID then you will immediately know about via receiving a code or notification and have the opportunity to avoid any calamity or disaster by changing the password or any other quick steps like disabling your count etc. 

Disadvantages of Two-Factor Authentication method

Without any doubt, Two-Factor authentication is very useful in terms of security of the account and data but if security is not the priority then this method became very hectic and time-consuming for individuals. 

For example, in Apple Stores, numerous devices are present and quick login to Apple ID on different devices is crucial then this method causes trouble for workers because it is easy to remember one Apple ID password then numerous passwords for different Apple ID accounts.

There is a possibility due to some mistake you accidentally locked out of an account and whether you forget credentials required for login or the credentials changed due to some reason than Two-Factor authentication creates anxiety.

For most people, they try to log in from different devices like school, office, etc. then this method becomes very time consuming and hectic.

So if security and safety are not an important factor for you then it is better to turn off the Two-Factor Authentication for Apple ID to reduce the complexity and save time on different occasions.  

The procedure of turning off the Two-Factor Authentication method for Apple ID  

Once you decide to turn off the Two-Factor Authentication for Apple ID. There are different procedures for MacOS or MacBook and iPhone cells. Here are the procedures, 

For macOS and MacBook:

  • Open any browser available and go to the login page to access your Account. If you are logging in via an unknown device then first you have to go through the Two-Factor authentication method.
  • Look for security section in the menu, then select the edit option
  • Now locate the two Factor-Authentication options. The option will be one or enabled verify it again to ensure that it is on
  • When you try to disable the option it will automatically ask for security question which will replace Two-Factor authentication method 
  • An automated email will be generated and sent to your email address to notify that Two-Factor authentication is disabled

For Handsets (iPhone)

  • Go to settings option from the main menu
  • Select the Apple ID option 
  • Password and Security option 
  • Click on the Two-Factor authentication to disable the option
  • Click on the continue

The procedure of turning on Two-Factor authentication for Apple ID

The procedure is very simple for re-enabling the Two-Factor authentication for Apple ID. Just follow the following steps and you will be good to go in no time 

For macOS

  • Log in to your account via any browser in your PC 
  • Look for apple menu then select system preference option from the menu
  • Go for the Apple ID option 
  • Tap on the Password and Security option
  • Enable the Two-Factor authentication option 

You have to remember a few guidelines related to Two-Factor authentication to avoid any problem in future

  • Always remember your Apple ID password (better to write it somewhere safe)
  • For each device used under same Apple ID use a device passcode 
  • Always update you trusted number to avoid any miscommunication

Replacement of Two-Factor authentication 

Apple ID authentication process can be completed via two different methods. First is the Two-Factor authentication method. Second is security answers while entering the password. Since we already discussed briefly Two-Factor Authentication so we only discuss the second method.

While creating your Apple ID, you need to set the answer to a security question to anything. This can be like the name of your dog, the name of your aunt, favorite food or place, etc. Once you answer the question the profile saves it in database. Whenever you try to log in you have to answer the same question to get access.

Hopefully, you will find all the required information related to Two-Factor authentication. How to turn on or turn off the Two-Factor authentication for Apple ID in this article.


This concludes our article on how to turn off two-factor authentication for Apple ID. We hope that this guide was quite helpful to you guys. If you find it helpful do let us know in the comments section below. Keep visiting our site for more quality Apple Guides.

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